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8/25/2023: Rec: Dear Sister, I've Become a Blessed Maiden


12/24/2022: It's Been A Minute!

6/17/2022: Good-Bye, Site Profile

6/6/2022: Hosting, domains, plus other webdev and internet musings

5/5/12/2022: First Year Anniversary and Retrospective!!

5/3/2022: Lovely Lemons & The Fujoboard

4/17/2022: I'm writing fics again

2/21/2022: 1970's is in the blood of Bright Noa's design

2/1/2022: 100,000 Views Milestone!


12/22/2021: Social Media Sucks Ass Vol. 3

11/11/2021: Social Media Sucks Ass Vol. 2

9/24/2021: Made an AMV for the first time in a decade.

9/24/2021: I found this cool anime I can’t watch. (Yet, hopefully.)

9/20/2021: Social Media Sucks Ass Vol. 1

9/17/2021: Watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam

9/5/2021: Web 2.0 SUCKS! - My manifesto and feelings of Web 2.0

9/4/2021: That's a Shit Mindset You Got There

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