This is my blog! Here I'll talk about anything I feel like for any length I would like to. Common topics will most likely be: Stuff about Anime/Manga/Games, Gushing about things I love, Infodumping, Rambling about whatever, Logging my day/life, Talking about being an artist, maybe even reviews? Expect any and all sorts of topics to be discussed here! At varying frequencies too. I've always been bad at consistently blogging but I want to put in an effort with this page. I've got so many thoughts I wanna talk about, might as well make a habit of blogging so I have somewhere to ramble and yell. So check back often!

Recent posts:

11/11/2021 - Social Media Sucks Ass Vol. 2

9/24/2021 - Made an AMV for the first time in a decade.

9/24/2021 - I found this cool anime I can’t watch. (Yet, hopefully.)

9/20/2021 - Social Media Sucks Ass Vol. 1

9/17/2021 - Watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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