9/24/2021 - Made an AMV for the first time in a decade.

(Webmasters note: Hey look! Two blog posts in one day! This is a crosspost from my dreamwidth page. I wanted to share it here too.)

Last night my friend spoke of the concept of Master Asia/Wong AMV set to Lady Gaga's bad romance as a joke, but I made it real. And as the title says, it's been a decade since I last made an AMV ever. It was very fun! I put this together in a couple hours. Shout-out to my friend who inspired this for the ship name of Master Wongsia too.

I made a Vimeo account too for this, since YT is DMCA hell. Hopefully this will be safer on Vimeo. I'm still shook I made a whole amv in a few hours as a joke last night, and is... actually good?! When looking at this with eyes that are fresh and weren't staring at a editing programs timeline for a few hours, I think this looks good. I am very proud of this. I'm never one to toot my own horn like this but Damn I went off with this. Good job, me!

This AMV has testimonies from some friends such as: "WHAT THE HELL HOW IS THIS SO GOOD" and "WHY ARE YOU SO POWERFUL", as well as shortly after posting it and sharing it on twitter another friend sent me: "YOU ARE SO POWERFUL"

I'm glad my friends have been enjoying it and that they like it. It makes me very happy. If you wanna see it I have the AMV down below. Please Note that there are G Gundam spoilers in this. If you watch it, I do hope you enjoy it! :D

Master Wongisa Bad Romance AMV from Linky on Vimeo.

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