Full Sitemap!

A sitemap of all the current pages on the website so far! Feel free to take a look aroud!

Sailor Pluto

Heads up: Some of the pages will still be in the style as they were on the old site for the time being! I have to find the time to make those new layouts for them. Like some of the old and already unfinished shrines such as Noriko's and Nico Robins... pretty much all of the shrines are set to get new layouts, even the ones that are already finished. As well as some other pages like the Mayalock headcanons page, as well as others.

I am in the middle of making some new and fresh layouts for them, including the already completed ones like Harlock's and Maya's. For now they are going to be in their original states as I prepare to freshen things up for them. (And actually finish some in some cases.)

Some pages that are already more mobile friendly such as my blog and the cool sites pages as two examples will also remain unchanged with their layouts.

Thank you so much for your paitence!

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