Heya! I'm Linky, a 20 something who loves Old Anime, Nintendo, and Tons More! I have a super obscure OTP: Harlock x Maya (or Mayalock as I usually call it) that has grasped my heart and attention span for three years now. I love them and draw a lot of fanart of them. Same with Leiji Matsumoto's works as a whole. They own my attention span and are my lifesblood along with Old Anime(Pre 2000s) as a whole. Also other biggest interest is The Legend of Zelda. I love those games so dearly. I also love learning about internet and fandom history. I never got myself a MySpace as a kid, which was probably for the best knowing how socially akward I was and can even still be because I'm Autistic. So probably a good call on my part tbh. BUT having this lil neocities version of MySpace is great too! It was made by joejoefashosho and you should definetly check his page out! Shoutout to him for this!

Thanks for visiting this page and my website as a whole! I've got my website's about page here, and you can check out my website's sitemap here too!
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Last Login: 06/09/2006
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