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Welcome to my webspace! I'm Linky! This is my little corner on the web to showcase my art as well as various creative projects fueled by many things. Love and passion, a sprinkle of nostalgia, and some spite due to my anger at the current state of the internet. I'm truly tired about social media and the stress it caused me, as well as a noticing an concerning speed and uptick in adult content purges since Tumblr's.

These things along with other factors are what fueled me to start learning how to code my own little space on the web where I can be have fun, be unapologetically unhinged, and passionate about the things I love. I'm giving my all to continue to grow, develop and hone my skils in art, coding, webdev, and writing. I hope you enjoy my site!

If you want to see where else I'm on the web: click here for a hub of all my links!

Note: There is adult content drawn and written by me hosted on this website. These works are entirely contained in their own dedicated sections. If you don't want to see that, simply just avoid those sections. And if you are a minor: please go to another site.

There are countless other sites on the internet to check out for all ages. This is a space made by an adult, for other adults. No minors are allowed. Even with the SFW contents that are the majority of this page. Please be responsible for yourself and your own actions. I'm not anyone's babysitter either.

Some of my pages on this site use Javascript! Specifically the blog section, some webrings I am in, my chatbox, and all my art galleries. I do want to keep this site pretty light on JS overall though outside of these things. Just know if it's turned off it will affect the functionality of those widgets and pages.

Heads up: My website is currently under a massive redesign and reconstruction! This new version of the site is responsive and mobile friendly! It may not be 100% perfect but I am doing my best to continually working on improving the code and fixing up things to make my site more accessible. Things might be a little broken up for a little bit as I get all things together. I also am gradually adding alt text to all images on the site, it's a process that will take some time. Thank you so much for your paitence and I apologize for the inconvenience!

This current version of my site is inspired by the overall look and vibe from 2000's fansites and fanshrines! I love old/retro anime, same for Tokusatsu, especially Kamen Rider! Together, these are my two biggest interests. So expect to see a lot of both on this site!

You can see my art, doodles and otherwise too! As well as links to many cool sites I've come across, my blog, my shrines, and various other pages of mine! I've still got a lot to learn with coding and webdev but I've put a lot of love and passion into this site. I hope you enjoy your time here.

If you like the obscure pairing of Harlock/Maya or Mayalock from the 1982 anime movie Arcadia of My Youth, well you're in luck! Take a glass of pink wine and relax. There will be a lot of that goodness here!! I have a whole section of this website dedicated to them. Click here and check it out!! They were a massive driving force for me to make this little space of my own.

(Get yourself an OTP that inspires you to make a website! Or just any sort of interest really. Just make a website!)

Maya also has a drink for you, I don't think it's pink wine though...

Welcome cyber visitor!!

This is 1999. Everyone has a webpage.

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This web is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes slightly from time to time...

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