Linky's Webspace Changelog

3/29/2022: Hello!! Made a few new pages. First of all: A NEW SECTION HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MAYALOCK ZONE!!! It's my Mayalock Merch Collection! Feel free to check it out! :D It's also been added to the sitemap. I also have added a page where I'll put layouts I've made! It can be found in the fun stuff page as well as the sitemap. I cannot guarantee frequent updates, since I am still struggling with CSS and certain aspects of it. I have added my first layout there. Which I a base I created and use on multiple pages on my site. From the photo zone, the cool sites page, all my art galleries, to the newly added Mayalock merch collection page! It's a very customizeable layout and I hope those who want to use it have fun with it!

3/15/2022: Hey guys!! Life is still really kicking my ass, but I come with updates. I made some new banners for the site! They are all 200x40 but I am planning some new 88x31 buttons too! I want to provide some options for people to link back with. Also have linked to this page on the index and sitemap pages. Banners are also visible on the about page's intro page too. Other updates include: new mutuals/affiliates buttons added, some more links on the cool sites page, and new art in the general art and general mayalock and mayalock doodle galleries too! Also for the unaware, I have an RSS feed! I've been using it more too. Feel free to add it to your reader!! I still need to learn how to get the timestamps right but it works! I've been adding to the Mayalock fanfics page too with stuff I've been making! feel free to check it out if you want. As I said, life is still seriously kicking my ass, I've been struggling socially, creatively and more, but I'm doing my best. And that's all one can do. Thank you so much for your paitence everyone!

1/24/2022: Hello everyone!! I can't believe my birthday is so soon... January 30th is fast approaching! And Just making a quick annoucement here, my Leijiverse fansite, Station Arcadia, is finally up and running! I will be steadily preparing updates for it, as well as continue to update this site too of course! :D I've still got some blog entries for here I'm finishing up, as well as finishing my other shrines, plus more after those two current goals for me pertaining to this site. Please check out station arcadia if you're interested. I'm really proud of how it came out! While it's a little sparse in content right now, I already am working on content for future updates for the fansite. Click the button below to go there! Thank you all for your support and kindness and I wish you all well and a fantastic week!

1/21/2022: Hey there! First big update of 2022. Outside of adding art to all the various galleries, adding more to the fun stuff page, fixing an issue with the pokemon shrine(MASSIVE shoutout to cyber-rot who has helped me a TON with me making my shrine. Thank you so much for your help!!)adding more buttons and other smaller tweaks, I've changed up the layout of the Mayalock Fanfics page!! Give it a look here! Also my birthday is soon. (January 30th) and that fact can't stop hitting me like a brick, but I'm excited! I hope you all are having a great new year. :D

12/27/2021: Most likely the final big update of 2021: The about page has a new look! You will need javascript on for it to work, same with my link shrine. But I have kept the old version of my about on the site too to have a backup. You can look at the old version here. I've got new blog entries in the works, but they'll probably be after the new year. Thank you so much to everyone for your support this year. The site recently passed 80,000 views and I cant express how blown away and touched I am by everyone's support. Thank you all so much for your support this year. When i started actually working on this site earlier this year I had no idea I'd get this much warmth and support, and figure out my career path from doing neocities stuff along the way too. Just thank you all so much!! I truly cannot articulate my gratitude. May you all have a wonderful 2022.

12/20/2021: Hey everyone!! Sorry if im slow with updates, and also replying to things, been very busy from irl matters as well as going through that autistic burnout. So if you've sent me a message anywhere(dreamwidth, discord, email, etc), left something in my guestbook, etc, I'm sorry I can take a long time to reply. I also still cannot reply to my own posts on my neocities profile either as well as even post on my own neocities profile. I'm quite sorry about that. I added a little bit more to my winamp shrine & skins page the other day if you wanna check that out. I hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday season. I wish you all the best! I hope to bring more updates soon and thank you all for your paitence, either with my reply time in conversations and/or my website.

12/4/2021: Hello everyone! I'm pretty burnt out becayse of the offline world and dealing with a lot of stressful IRL matters, been going through quite a bit. So I haven't really been able to update the site much, I hope to have something sometime though! I wish you all well.

11/22/2021: This is more of a general update, but with thanksgiving soon, updates will probably be sparce this week, especially after this wednesday the 24th, as I will be going to my uncles for thanksgiving, itll be small, we will do the needed percautions and I'm excited to see his big dog Duke again. Defiinetly will take photos to put in the photo zone page when I get back! Other plans include to finsh up my remaining unfinished shrines like my Link one.(While I want to tweak that CSS when I can! But that is not the highest priority at this very moment.) I also will be removing the "Leijiverse zone portal" over on my sitemap, as I plan to make a whole seperate Neocities site dedicated to the Leijiverse as a fansite entirely of it's own. It is a big project that is only in it's very early stages. I wanna figure out what direction I wanna go with it, it's planned layout and so forth. I hope you all have a safe and good thanksgiving, and if you are somewhere that doesn't celebrate it, have a fantastic and save week overall! Wishing everyone a great week. ALSO A NOTE: If you leave replies on my Neocities profile, while I can see your replies, I am sadly unable to reply at all. I promise I'm not ignoring you!! I am just legitimately unable to reply since the reply option literally is not there for me to click on. I've heard others have been having this issue too and I hope it can get fixed for everyone affected too! I also apologize that I can be slow to reply to in emails as well as comments on my dreamwidth and such. I promise I'm not ignoring you there either! I hope you all will have a fantastic,safe and fun week this week!

11/17/2021: The Link Shrine was finished recently! It's mostly finished, I wanna tweak up some things for it, but you can check it out here! I plan to work on finishing up my shrines that have not been finished yet. Also every single art gallery on this page as a fresh new layout! From the Mayalock (both sfw and spice!) to the general art and my sketches, and the mayalock doodles, each one has a new fresh layout that I feel is more optimal for showing my work. Also added a new piece I did to my main art gallery too!

11/9/2021: I've been adding some new doodles I've been doing to both My Sketchbook and Mayalock Sketchbook pages! Also forgot to say here but I have a gallery of doodles I did for a personal drawing challenge called Mayatober! You can check out the Mayatober gallery here! More information about that personal and community challenge is on the page too!

11/2/2021: I took part in the Hall-O-Zine hosted by The Yesterweb! My piece is about digital tricks and treats, talking about games I fondly remember playing every Halloween season from when I was a kid. Click here to read my piece! Please check it out and check out and support everyone's amazing work in this lovely zine!! Click here to check out the Hall-O-Zine!! (I would have made a comment on my profile page but my Neocities keeps eating them up as mentioned in the past here, and support still has not gotten back to me yet...)

10/24/2021: Made a new page to try out making a new type of gallery style for future pages or even potential revamps! I have a new future shrine in the works(I swear I am working on the others too XD) and wanted to try to make a different way to make a gallery! It's called the photo zone, it's just full of various photos of all types I have taken. From merch, gunpla, figures, and more! I have some past photos from a trip to Maine from 2019 I wanna add there sometime too. Also added a link to my new Backloggd account I just made today to keep track of my games and game backlog on my about page.

10/13/2021: I've tried to make comments about it on my neocities profile, but for some reason I cannot post comments on either my own page or other pages, but I can reply to already posted comments from anyone... it's so strange. I've sent an email to the support team for Neocities. I do hope I hear back sometime soon because I seriously do not know whats wrong, I've tried to leave many kind comments on people's profiles- only for them to get eaten up and never sent! But enough about that: I've made a webring!!! Click here to check out it's details, member list and how to apply! I gave it a little Leijiverse theme because I thought would be cute and fun, plus im a big nerd. (But if you wanna join it with your own website it doesn't have to be Leijiverse themed of course!) I never did this before, and I did my best. I also am not familiar with JavaScript. Hopefully there aren't too many bugs for me to fix... -_- Also fixed up the CSS on this page, and my about and home page as well regarding link colors. The about page has a fresh new look too, I add buttons pretty often there too as always to show off more AWESOME sites I find/find buttons of older sites still online I adore and remember from my youth, and I just put all those buttons in a scroll box too! Also tweaked the sitemap's layout a little recently so it's easier to see all the links at once.

10/2/2021: The Maetel Shrine is Finally finished!! Click here to see it! I made a new type of layout for it too, I worked hard on it! CSS is still tricky for me to make myself but I'm working hard at it. And I will probably use this layout for the next batch of upcoming shrines for the various shrines section. Stay tuned for those!! I also made a winamp shrine if you wanna check that out too. Click here to see that as well! As always any new page as been added to the sitemap too. And added some new stuff to the about, fun stuff, and testimonial pages also. You can always check out my neocities profile for updates on which pages I add more stuff too as well if you'd like.

9/23/2021: New page!! Wanted to make a page just full of memes because it would be simple and fun!! Definetly gonna add more later, I thought this was a good amount for now. You can check it out here!! Also fixed up the fun things page a bit too. A bit happier with how it looks now. ^^ Also there's a new song autoplaying there!

9/19/2021: Heya! Updates have been a tad slow due to me doing physical therapy. But it's been going great! I will be adding a new doodle to the mayalock sketchbook page too sometime very soon. It's been nice to doodle again, even if right now my pace is slower for the time being. Also: RSS has been implemented recently. As said on my first update there, My plan with RSS and my changelog page is with the changelog I'll still use it to write down changes of varying levels of size, big or small. Will draft future site plans in the changelog too. Much more massive changes like the implementation of the RSS feed one here will be saved for it. But I also might talk about massive changes here in the changelog too because I can. Hopefully I did a good job with my RSS feed! I read so many guides and things about it, and yet it still gave me a massive headache lmao.... I'm still incredibly new to coding but I am proud of my progress!! I also added a new blog entry about G Gundam onto my blog, check it out! I also made a post about my manifesto and feelings about how Web 2.0 sucks major ass. Check that out too!! (Also major thanks to the simple site for wanting to have it was a guest article on there! Definetly check out the simple site, it's awesome and makes me nostalgic and happy! And thank you so much for asking to host it on there again!! I'm really glad you liked it that much and wanted to host it there. It means a lot!) I've got more posts I wanna make for my blog too, stay tuned for them!! Working on the shrines as best as I can too on my codepen and drafting out the text for them. Also I added a mutuals section to my about page too. More details can be found on my RSS feed!

9/5/2021: With the Mayalock graphics and Mayalock fanfic pages now both live: the Mayalock zone's planned pages that I had from the start of making the website are now all fully complete! More things will come on each page over time. More pages will comes in the future when I get ideas. It's really nice that the layouts for all the initially planned pages for the mayalock zone are done now and now i can just add stuff to them when I can. Please check out the Mayalock Zone in its entirety now! You can see it all here. Next on the agendea currently is to finish the remaining shrines, and impliment RSS too. As well as add even more buttons, blinkies, links and all sorts of content I wanna share here too along the way :D!

9/4/2021: Nsfw Mayalock Gallery has second page now! Along with new spicy art! Just like the previous second page updates, some of the works from the first page are now on the second one. The SFW Mayalock and Mayalock doodle galleries will also get this update soon. More buttons added. Working on figuring out implimenting RSS, and the Blog page is now live! There's only one post on there for now but I am gonna work on blogging consistently on there to the best of my abilities.

9/3/2021: General Gallery and Sketchbook pages now have a second page! The SFW and NSFW Mayalock galleries will be getting this update soon too. Some of the art from the first pages for these galleries will be on the second page now. Along with fresh new art that I haven't shared here yet and some new ones I did!! I'm able to draw again for the most part, still need to do physical therapy for strengthening and some last final things to reach 100 percent but I can draw again for the most part. \(^o^)/ Really happy about that!

9/1/2021: Made a testimonies page on my about page for fun! It's been added to the sitemap as well. About page has a new fresh layout too!! Please bear with me as I figure out the positioning for the text and images on it. Added more buttons, gifs, and some cool new wordart too! It makes my younger self happy to be able to generate wordart on a website for this site, or any use! Here's the site if you wanna make your own wordart. ALSO: I made a secret page~! You gotta dig and click around on my about page to find it. ;3 That's my only hint!! I hope those who do find it enjoy it!! I like to think I put it in a easy to find spot LOL... I'm really proud of how it came out! It's got a nice old school feel like I hoped it would, at least I think so! I hope you think so too when you find it! And one more update, I'm looking into adding an RSS feed to the website. I am just easily confused by it! XD Hopefully I can figure it out soon. Will let you know when it's up and running! Planning out the other unfinished shrines too. Codepen is a blessing of a website, I'm really glad I learned about it.

8/30/2021: Mayalock playlist page is up and live!! It's got humble beginnings but I really hope to be able to fill it up with all sorts of tunes that give one Mayalock feelings. ^^ My own playlist isn't complete just yet BUT a playlist my a friend is up there! GIVE IT SOME LOVE AND A LISTEN! Along with that there is a handful of tracks that remind me of Harlock and Maya/tracks that I want to use in their future playlist or other themed future playlists of them down the line as well. Please enjoy it!! :D

8/28/2021: There is a Mayalock Headcanons page now! Spruced up the CSS of the Mayalock Zone as a whole too, all the pages in that zone outside the spice zone in it have the theme consistently throughout too. Fixed typos I caught too. Added more buttons that link to other sites on the about page. Added more cool links to the fun page. Thank you so much you all for 15,000+ views on this humble webpage recently too !!!! \(;u;)/ I hope people enjoy this little space Ive been crafting. It's been a lot of fun so far~ :D I hope you all and new people who stumble across will be able to enjoy it too. Thank you! ^^

8/22/2021: THE CAPTAIN HARLOCK SHRINE IS LIVE! Sorry for the wait!! It's now up and ready!! Also ALL shrines are going to have autoplay music now. Most of the ones do, still working on getting the songs ready for some others(Noriko's and Robin's especially. I want to find a different song for Link's too.) Also added a Maetel Shrine! Once again these are going to be updated over time and are right now still currently under construction. I am preparing the text for the descriptions and images and gifs ready for them all too. I hope you enjoy them!! A Note: I will be adding more to the descriptions of this shrine and the Maya shrine too! I still have to add images and gifs alongside more text to the Maya one also. I also have been adding onto and will continue to add to the fun stuff page and the pages hosted on it. For the blog/Linky Talks section I'm figuring out which direction I wanna go with how it'll be laid out. I will keep you posted. I also am schemeing up a Leijiverse portal section. :D Stay tuned to hear more about that!!!

8/20/2021: I got a irl job so I've been very busy. Finalized and added the fun stuff page! Some of it's pages are under construction still. Just a place for fun things of all sorts of cool things to see, there's even a virtual pet Maya! Check it out!! (Heads up there is autoplay!) Fixed up the home page layout a bit, the various shrines will now be acessed on either the sitemap or on the fun page itself and no longer on the home page. Hopefully I'll be able to have some free time soon to finish up the Harlock shrine and start on the others.

8/13/2021: I've been busy irl! The updates this round are: more buttons! Added textarea code so you can copy and paste code to use my website's button!(if you'd like to of course!)

8/8/2021: Adding a general shrine section! It's a more down the road thing. You can see some of the future shrines I'm planning out there. Only two pages actually have a layout. (very rough and unfinished ones at that!) Those will be worked on after Harlock's is done. Adding headcanon pages to the Mayalock zone too! The NSFW headcanons page is already done, getting the SFW page together soon too. I plan to add more to the Mayalock zone overall in time. Some ideas are graphics, fics, and playlist pages! Will think of more stuff too over time. These new pages, even the unfinsihed ones will be added to the sitemap.

8/6/2021: Added more buttons to the about page! Including blinkies and stamps too!! Added some text stuff too. ALSO TODAY THIS SITE REACHED 10,000+ VIEWS!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I would have never expected this!!! JUST, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! I look forward to continue developing this little space!

8/5/2021: This is more just a note saying I've been pretty tired the past few days ^^; I've been gathering buttons and still planning things (Such as the Harlock shrine still, lmao) Also I'm almost at 10,000 views !!! THANK YOU GUYS! I never expected this little website to get such love. Thank you all! I'm not at 10,000 yet but I'm pretty close! I just wanted to mention how awesome it is. Thank you for the support!! I'll definetly make/do somethign when I reach that milestone.

8/3/2021: Changed up the styles for the Main Mayalock Art and Doodle galleries, as well as the sketchbook/doodle page. Wanted to give them a different look for a while! Might add the new Mayalock css style to the enterance page too. Please clear your cache if the updates don't show! Also refreshing can usually fix broken images too after you clear the cache. As always you can leave a message in my guestbook in case something seems to be broken for real. I promise I'm still planning out the Harlock shrine LOL, I just really wanted to get some new CSS files ready for some pages to spruce things up here. Also tweaked the home and about page a bit too, part of some new listings and webrings as well!

8/2/2021: Added some buttons!! Also spruced up the about and home pages.

8/1/2021: Spruced up the home page a little text-wise. Also gave the about page an Iframe for my buttons and more! Fixed and spruced up all art galleries, as well as add more art to them all! Spruced up the Mayalock Zone enterance page and also added a cute Sailor Venus I found to the sitemap to give it a some extra flair.

7/31/2021: This website is now officially part of The NeoCities SoHo residence! I am super grateful to be hosted on there. Please check out all the other awesome sites there!! Been taking it easy on the coding to help with healing my muscles from a strain from a couple months back. I plan to upload more previously made art here when I can! I also am still planning out the Harlock shrine too. A few more buttons added here too today, can never have too many. I am a part of the null webring also now too!

7/29/2021: Been planning out future pages and the text blurbs for them. Gathering more buttons too. I took a break yesterday because MAN it was a massive effort but a big labor of love making that shrine. I plan to add an OC section for this website maybe, or I can just keep working on my toyhouse. Added more new buttons I've found, and made one of my own! You can find it on the about page.

7/27/2021:THE MAYALOCK SHRINE IS DONE! Sorry Harlock I promise I'm still working on yours, and Maya I have more to add to yours. Wanted to get this done in time for the 39th anniversary of the movie which is tommorrow!!(Technically today in Japan!) Also fixed a typo in my about page!

7/26/2021: New front page layout!!!! I was toying around with it all yesterday. Even made a hidden page to test out new layouts for pages. Please bear with me as I figure out what to add on the front page over time. I'm really proud of how it looks! Also joined the Hotline Webring as seen on the home page. Added doodle pages for my general art gallery and my mayalock gallery. Added new art in both galleries as well. Planning out OC pages and the Harlock and Mayalock shrines too. Added the newly coded out pages to the sitemap. Made an addition to my "before you enter the mayalock spice zone" page. Added more buttons to about page. Fixed up some broken links/images. Added the general doodle/sketchbook page to the navigation bar on the home page. Starting putting the code together for the Mayalock shrine, the base layout is complete. Gave 'Linky's Webspace Changelog" an underline.

7/25/2021: Added the Mayalock zone shrine enterance page to the sitemap. Fixed around the home page a bit. I wanna figure out ways to spruce up the home page layout wise when I can too.

7/24/2021: Created the changelog page, due to this being added later on I do not have additions prior to today documented. The layout for this page isn't final, later on I want to put a different theme up when I can think of one, this one is a placeholder. (Tochiro is staying though.) I spruced up all the links on every page. You can now hover over them and colors change. The Maya shrine has been fixed up a bit in terms of placement of the text boxes and work on the Harlock shrine has begun too. Tidied up and changed a few things on the home page too. "Take me back!" is now: "Take me back to the home page!". Sitemap also has this paged added into it. Tweaked unvisited link color. Comic Sans somehow died on mobile, when trying to fix up this page and the Harlock Shrine but I was able to bring it back to the mobile version. I don't plan to optimize this site for mobile at this time, but Comic Sans is NEEDED. Added a lot of buttons to my about page.

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