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I'm Linky! I'm a NonBInary artist! (They/Them, 20↑) And the webmaster of this very site! I'm an artist that loves to draw. (And a budding coder and programmer) This is a place to upload my art, be unhinged and have fun. I wanted to make my own little space on the web, and that's what this site is for! (Please DO NOT Repost my artwork from my galleries anywhere! Reposting to any SNS and reposting my work in general is not allowed.) Old anime is my lifesblood. I just love myself some 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s anime and manga! (There are post 2000 things I love too though!)

Captain Harlock and the Leijiverse as a whole are my favorites. I study Japanese too, I'm not very good but I am doing my best to learn it and work hard! I am a massive fan of the Harlock x Maya ship (or Mayalock as I usually call it) who are from the 1982 anime movie Arcadia of My Youth, and my forever OTP. I think you should absolutely watch this movie if you haven't and enjoy space opera, or just classic anime in general. It really is a must-see!

I'm a big old nerd and have always been since I was a young Linky, always been pretty mask off about my fannish nature too. Fandom and just all things geek have been in my DNA forever. This following gif from Gainax's Otaku No Video is me in a nutshell. (There's a link to a secret page somewhere on this about page too! Try to find it :D)

Site Origin Story: On May 12th 2021 I really got into coding. I was pretty angry at how things are constantly getting sanitized on the web, and how it's hurting creatives, and the marginalized overall. Twitter just announced tipping, and soon having a subscription service, and I smelt a repeat of the Tumblr 2018 NSFW Content Purge in the air, and while It wasn't gonna happen yet, I knew it was gonna be a matter of time. So I got off my ass and put this account to use! Fueled with anger towards the current state of the web, my love for my OTP, and wanting to post my old anime rarepair porn somewhere without the fear of a tech company wiping it off the map wanting to have a space I could truly call my own, I began learning HTML and CCS in the most macgyver way possible, slapping code together, reading how to pages(and being super confused at first), and lots and lots of crying and headaches. (This profile has been around since Jan 12, 2020 according to Neocities, but 5/12/2021 was when I finally got off my butt.)But over time this site grew and blossomed into something truly special, and making this site has been the most rewarding experience I've had in recent memory. ^u^ I'm so grateful I took that jump into making this site.

Thanks to Harlock and Maya/Mayalock, as well as my anger at the centralization of the internet, more and more platforms being sanitized of 18+ content, love, passion, and dedication for your OTP as well as spite against the commercialization of the internet as well as how it has negatively affected the internet in so many ways are FANTASTIC motivators I tell ya! I'm by no means a coding expert... but it's been fun having a new hobby and learning a new skill as I go along. I might be pursing coding as my career whenever its safe to go back into campus. So thank you Harlock x Maya, and Neocities for giving me a sense of direction!

I'm also very open to conversation and meeting new people!! (I do apologize deeply in advance though, for I can be and often am quite slow. And I can also be quite forgetful. I've always been like this. IRL life can also drain me too especially these days as well. But I will do my best to get back to you when I can!!) Also Neocities is still broken for me and I am STILL unable to reply to replies on my own profile, as well as leave comments on other's profiles. (So I promise I'm not ignoring you if you leave a reply on my profile!!) The best ways to contact me are on Dreamwidth as well as my email! I also use discord but I'm not comfortable publicly posting my discord ID. Feel free to ask for it via either DM on Dreamwidth or email me to ask for it though! :D

こにちわ!わたしわリンキーさです。ハーロック×マーヤがすきです。(リバOK) 日本語を勉強しています。まだ日本語が下手ですが、頑張って勉強しています。 時間がありがとうございました!すばらしい一日を。

Here's a page of testimonials of me by my friends I made for fun too.

Note: There is alread a disclaimer on the home page but I'll say it again, I make adult content that is hosted on this website, particularly of Harlock and Maya. This content is in it's own dedicated page. Avoid that page if you don't want to see R18 content. I'm not responsbile for your own actions! As stated on the home page, even with the rest of this website being SFW outside of that small contained section, this neocities is an adult space made by an adult with other adults in mind. No minors are allowed here.

Go check out some of the many other amazing websites on neocites, many of which are for all ages. Or go play Toontown rewritten or something. Nobody is obligated to keep things kid friendly for you online. I'm not anyones babysitter. Curate your own experience, be safe & cautious as they (hopefully) teach/taught you about online safety.

If you aren't an adult, you need to stay out of adult spaces and be responsible for yourself and your actions online.

(That probably came across pretty harsh, I'm usually not one for a harsh approach but I felt it was needed here. Especially for this topic, I take it very seriously. And you should too, it's very important.)

Here's my button! I plan to make more in the future when I can draw regularly again, since I am healing from a muscle strain. If you want to link back to this website: save it, host it in your own server, and use the code provided!

Here are some 200x40 ones too!

This last one was a joke... but I like how it came out. So it's going here too.

If you also want to check out my other site, a fansite dedicated to the Leijiverse - Station Arcadia, click the button below!!


This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your webpage to help him gain world domination.

Be kind to others, you may not know what battles they are going through in their own personal lives. The world always can use more kindness, empathy and compassion!

This site is made with love and a combination of Notepad++, and the Neocities code editor with using a ton of CodePen to test things (and even code some things in there too). My site has code I made from scratch, premade layouts from Eggramen as one example, or small bits of code just for div and CSS features, based from sites but then heavily edited from sites where it is ok to do this from. It's always in the CSS department too since I am still learning. I am learning HTML and CSS as I go right now, and my method is just based on reading and a shitton of slapping things together and experimenting. I want most of this code on this site to be by me anyways and strive for that. (Unless a page has a premade layout, which is always credited and linked back to it's original creator.) You are absolutely free to take code from my site to use for yours.(And please show me if you do! So I can see your cool work. ^^) If you ever have any issues with said bits of code I have on this site that has some bits from yours, please let me know via my email linked on this page and I will fix things accordingly in as timely a manner as I can. As an artist myself I respect people's work 100%.

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