I wanted to make a testimonials page! So here it is.

Various quotes said to me and/or about me by my lovely friends in various circles that I adore, and wanted to immortalize them here. ^^ (More to come as I remember/dig up more and as more are made.)

"Linky, maybe I'm wrong but I think your last words would be "save me, hot single milfs in my area."

"I am delighted but not at all surprised that you know about patalliro."

"Pentagram with a pic of a milf on each point and Maya in the center along with a copy of Skyward Sword and BotW with a rose candle lit up at a Denny's parking lot." (From the topic of how to summon me)

"Linky you aren't a cinnamon roll... you're a cinnamon roll that's filled with acetin."

"You and Leiji have similar wicked minds."

"Linky is a gay and horny super saiyan"

"You know, you learn something new everyday. Sometimes it's Linky telling you something new about yourself."

"Linky is the patron saint of Mayalock."

"YOUR DEDICATION TO LEARNING NEW THINGS FOR LOVE ASTOUNDS ME" (My friend when he saw I learned to code a twitter bot for Mayalock :D)

"I don't think you look tired, you look like the mellow subject of a Regency era portrait."

"oh look there's linky doing shots from boobs"

"I love how somehow we moved on to nosemouth except for Linky who is so dedicated like 'LOOK AT MY SEXY WIFE'"

"Linky brain on maya boobs rn dni"

"Linky zoned in on breasts"

"Nails trimmed for Maya."


"WHY ARE YOU SO POWERFUL" (providing the context for this one)

Also related to the testimony above:

And here are some more testimonies, but in screenshotted form:

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