2/1/2022 - 100,000 Views Milestone!

Today, my Neocities has reached 100,000+ views. I never, ever expected my neocities to ever reach 100,000+ views.

I’m just blown away.

While I made this account in 2020, I didn’t start work on my site until sometime in May 2021. Angry at the current state of the web for a cocktail of reasons, hating social media, wanting a place to fully call my own, and wanting a place to post my porn art of Harlock and Maya with having more security over the fact it won’t get purged, I started working on this website on a whim, relearning html and css as I go along since I haven’t most recently used html since the tinierme days. (Does anyone else out there remember this game? …Please tell me its not just me!)

My coding methods for webdev are picking a god and praying (as Chrom fire emblem would say) I can duct tape a page and a site together. By now I know some things but there also things I don't know and am still learning/getting the hang of, and it makes for a hell of a time when I wanna code a page that has to incorporate something I’m not really familiar with. XD Divs still confuse the shit out of me, but I am much better than I was in May 2021.

And I’m really proud of how far I have come in coding and webdev. I’m glad to see I still have some stubbornness points into actually learning a new hobby, and not giving up if I’m not immediately good after all didn’t run out and all go into illustration. I’m glad I got into coding, because it’s been a truly rewarding experience. Making your own place on the web is a truly unmatched experience, and I implore any and all to give it a go, my life has been made better and richer for it.

I don't do things for engagement, a habit I thankfully have unlearned from my time on social media, but nonetheless I'm really, really glad people have enjoyed my website. In all this time, I have gotten so many kind guestbook messages, emails, replies and dms on various other platforms too. So many kind words I will never forget. I’m glad my unhinged zone build with html, ccs, tears, definitely an unhealthy amount of diet coke, but most of all— my passion to build a space all my own, in the style of the web of old, has brought nostalgia, joy and inspiration to others.

Thank you all for your support and kindness, It means the world. I look forward to continuing to make this site grow! Here’s to the future!

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