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Thinking About You

Fandom: Captain Harlock

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock/Maya

Rating: G

Word Count: 667

Contents: Ficlet, Pre-Canon, Fluffy Romance, Harlock Loving His Wife, Short One Shot

Notes: This takes place sometime before the events of Arcadia of My Youth, not right before the movie but a good period of time beforehand.

Summary: As Harlock begins a voyage home from his latest battles against the Illumidas, exhausted, he remembers what he has to look forward to when he returns.

Also On: Ao3, Dreamwidth

A moment of peace had arrived.

Finally, after months of truly grueling battles, the worst Harlock and his crew weathered yet, they were requested to return home. The Deathshadow was en route to Earth, and estimated to arrive in about a few days.

Now Harlock was able to truly have a moment to himself. One without the looming chance of a sudden battle. He wanted to fix himself a drink and unwind to start off the voyage home. As wine poured into the glass, he saw his reflection within that shade of deep red. In it, he saw a man who was completely and utterly exhausted.

The earth was deeply important to him. He wanted to protect it, and all who also called it their home. His conviction was unwavering. Not for one single second did he ever regret, or come to regret fighting for what he believed in, and what was in his heart.

But unwavering convictions or not, Harlock was still a human. War could and would, devastate anyone.

Wineglass in hand, he stood by the window in his quarters. While gazing out into the infinite vastness of space, as he sipped the wine he thought about his beloved Maya. Who was back on Earth and fighting a war of her own.

In her most recent telegram, she mentioned how her underground radio broadcasts are starting to get noticed by the Illumidas. They both knew it was only a matter of time until they caught wind, and it looks like that time has finally come.

Doing something to instill hope in the people in such a dire time, despite the very real risks to her own life now weighing upon her… she did not falter. Maya had an unwavering conviction of her own. And like her beloved she fought for what she believed in and what was in her own heart.

She was a beacon of hope, and the strongest person Harlock ever knew. He could see a blazing red fire of belief in the future burning within her heart.

In his mind he could still see her clearly, even after months of separation. The willowy figure, her long, flowing flaxen hair, those beautiful aegean eyes that sparkled and shined brighter than any star in all of space, and that smile. Oh, that smile. Nothing could ever compare.

And her voice? Either when she spoke or sang, it was like the voice of an angel.

But despite her outward fragile appearance, inside of her was fiery magma. Possessing a strong spirit that blazes within her, and an unshakable will. It’s deeply unwise to underestimate her. For she is stronger than her looks would ever let on.

Both outside and in, Maya was absolutely radiant. Just thinking about he’d finally be able to return home to see her after so long— his heart swelled. He felt so grateful to have her in his life. The thought of being able to hold her in his arms again soon, a smile came across his lips.

Harlock was deeply in love, and kept falling in love with her even more than ever before as time passed.

The current wave of exhaustion he felt was drifting away as he continued to think about her. Who knew what the future held as this war would continue. Especially with the Illumidas becoming aware of Maya’s broadcasts. But for now, everyone would be able to find some repose for the time being.

As The Deathshadow kept sailing on, Harlock looked over onto his desk. There laid a framed photo of Maya he kept on him. With a beaming smile as she held a bouquet of roses she was gifted by Harlock. Nothing in all this sea of stars could ever hold a candle to Maya. His eyes softened, and his heart was warm. Then he picked up the picture, and tenderly held the frame in one hand. Fingers gently laid next to Maya’s smiling face.

“I want to go home to my wife.”

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