Stamps I've found from either dA, or on other sites! When I can, I will link back to the original creator. (Last updated: 4/15/2024)

Clip Studio Paint UserTablet UserPencil and Paper UserI wish I could draw what I see in my headI draw what I wantThe Agender Flag with the text AgenderThe Bisexual Flag with the text BisexualThe Nonbinary Flag with the text NonbinaryThey Them PronounsI ain't gonna lie but I'm biThe text I'm fucking gay over the bi flagThe text I'm fucking gay over the Nonbinary flagEnd Cringe CultureStrawberriesI use the XD Face all the timeThis user likes moss on public wallsGimme YaoiI support Traditional art and Digital Art Equally, the words of Digital and Traditional changingMaybe you should make your own websiteLuffy making a funny face with a heart in the bottom left corner.I am going to grow old or die tryingYou can dislike a ship without being an asshole about itI heart strawberries over a photo of strawberriesFujoshi please interactA close up of art of Usagi from the manga and she is smilingYou can block whoever you wantShow a little kindnessYaoi My Anti DrugA twisted stamp saying this stamp is all wiggly :3The text I support lemons in my fanfiction over a photo of a lemonHaving NOTPs is fine, Harassing shippers isn'tSo many stamps so little spaceDon't like Yaoi? Don't look at it!Mechanical pencils next to a heartClose up of the Solo cup Jazz patternKamen Rider Series FaizKamen Rider Series OujaKamen Rider Series KnightKamen Rider Series Kuuga MightyProud Fujoshi next to two male symbolsWe have always existed with The Autism infinity symbol in the middleClose up on pale pink rosesAsk me about my OTPClose up of roses on CupsClose up of Yellow-orange roses.I don't need to be popular I draw because I love doing itThe text I support Bishoujo Senshi next to art of UsagiThat's right baby I write fanfiction all night longOnion-tou with it's nose bleeding next to the text Proud FujoshiI refuse to stop doing what I love just because it isn't popular.Pen writing on paper with the text writer in the bottom right cornerWhy yes, I do draw mature scenes in my art. You mad bro?Yes I do write mature scenes in my fanfiction. U mad bro?A chibi Sailor V making a peace sign

And some stamps made by me:

OOORyukiBladeGotchardFaizZubatAbarangerAnkh grimacing in a chair with a pixel heart in the bottom left corner.Ankh and Eiji glaring at each other.

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