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Fandom: Captain Harlock

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock

Rating: G

Word Count: 143

Contents: Gen, Inrospection, Canon Compliant (1978 Anime)

Notes: Prompt was "for we must be sailing to know where we are, we are ships on the sea, and must keep moving on" the original can be found here.

Summary: Harlock sits in his quarters.

Also On: Ao3, Dreamwidth

Wine glass in hand Harlock looked out towards the stars, and the soft, almost sorrowful music of Miime's harp filling the air of his quarters. A typical scene in The Arcadia's downtime.

In this vast and endless sea of stars, there was something that was somehow much harder to grasp the scale of... That everlasting mourning that continued to carry on inside Harlock's heart. This sadness within wasn't a secret to his crew.

But despite all that he carried inside of him, Harlock kept moving on. There was still a fire inside him. This sea of stars was forever his home, and a sailor could never afford to idly sit on by.

Despite it all, he would sail onwards.

His dear friend wouldn't want that, and with that firey spirit from his friend that now blazed within Harlock's own heart— neither did he.

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