Spicy Mayalock Headcanons

Here are my spicy Harlock/Maya headcanons, if you wanted to see them. I'll update this page from time to time when I have more to add.

Please note that there will be discussion of various kinks here!

They will be organized as follows: General, Kinks(Harlock's, Maya's, Shared by Both), Harlock Specific Ones, Maya Specific Ones, Scenarios I made up in my head, and then miscellaneous/to categorize later.

A Note: These are just my personal headcanons for fun! This is all just for fun!

Last updated: 12/20/22

General NSFW:

I see both Harlock and Maya as verses and switches. They go back and forth a lot with who tops/doms and one isn’t prone to top/dom more than the other.

They experiment in the bedroom a lot. Are always open to new things.

Both are into BSDM.

They have the hottest sex in the sea of stars, I feel this in my soul.

Their Kinks:


Pegging(Really loves being pegged)


Clothed Sex


Strap-on(Really loves pegging Harlock)


Medical Play

Shared by both:


Body Worship


Pet Play





Dirty Talk

Note: I like to think they both enjoy all of the kinks listed in this section! But the ones that are in a specific character section are supposed to mean that out of the two, the respective character likes that kink even more than the other despite them both having enjoyment from it. …I just like to think of them being this way, that’s me. This note is mainly to explain my thought process.

Specific Headcanons about both characters:

Headcanons about Harlock specifically:

Harlock knows how to eat out, a master of it. He works hard to give the best oral to her, he wants to give her the best pleasure possible.

As stated before, and can’t say enough, Harlock gets pegged a lot by Maya and absolutely loves it.

Everytime he returns from war he gains a new scar or two and becomes a bit more toned, he tries to showcase this to Maya at earliest convenience.

Will use his solar federation uniform for sex sometimes, either at Maya’s request in the bedroom or when they have private/secluded sex somewhere when he still has it on.

Will wrap Maya up in his arms and in his pirate outfit cape, she finds it very hot.

Headcanons about Maya specifically:

Loves to wear Maid, Nurse, and Bunny Girl uniforms, she just really enjoys dressing up for sex and roleplay in general.

Frequently steals Harlock’s solar federation jacket and either wear lingerie or even be nude underneath, Harlock finds it very hot how it’s a bit big on her.

Likes to bend over to tease and tempt Harlock.

Finds the many scars on Harlock’s body very sexy.

Enjoys it when Harlock wears his gloves and touches her.

When sewing Harlock’s pirate outfit, she made it tight right where it counts the most. ;)

Miscellaneous/To Categorize Later:

Both enjoy Lingerie.

They both have multiple collars together.

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