Links and Cool Stuff!

    Some cool fansites from outside of neocities!

    Where majority of the backgrounds of this shrine come from!

    A classic Pokemon fansite, a wonderful source of information and one of the oldest still around today!

    A fansite I loved when I was a kid. It is inactive today but I loved, and still love looking at the picdex!

    Another classic fansite still around! Full of all sorts of super cool stuff and fun quizzes!

    Some cool fansites that are right here on neocities!

    Fansites on Neocities without buttons:

    Johto Redrawn | The Pokemon Area | Jacob's Pokemon Paradise | Another Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator

    Cool stuff time!!

    Click here to see a ASCII Pikachu.

    Some graphics I found on GifCities I remember loving as a baby Linky.

    Some favorite Pokemon images I have found and saved from over the years:

    Pikachu on the Toliet
    Cowboy Pikachu
    Pikachu charger
    Rocket Game Corner Pokestop
    I'm Dying Squritle
    Catch these hands
    Squirtle glad he came out
    Squritle in case of fire

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