Linky's Pokemon Shrine

(Heads up for autoplay music!)

I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was a young Linky. My first game I got was FireRed when I was 9 or 10. But I had exposure and love for Pokemon before then via the anime and cards. The Pokemon series means a lot to me and is near and dear to my heart. I have made many memories and friends I cherish through these games!(And more than just the games too.) And no matter whatever I ramble on about at the moment, I will always be down to talk about Pokemon with anyone. On this shrine I will have various pages decicated to the whole series. To the Games, Anime and more. As well as photos of my collection, various memories, links to cool sites, my favorite pokemon, and so much more. I wanted to make a place to showcase my love for the series since it is one of my biggest speicial interests ever alongside Leijiverse and Zelda. I hope you enjoy it here!

Also its been over 10 years now and I'm still not a Pokemon trainer!! I've been waiting since I was TEN. It's pretty fucked up I'm not out in the world catching pokemon yet, and instead gotta do a career or some shit. I wanna go on adventures with my Squirtle!!!!