On this page I will post many different photos that I have taken, so I have a little place for them! Click on each photo to see it's full size, these are all in their own categories too! More will be added over time. Images may take a moment to load, if they don't load, clear your cache or hard refresh! (Ctrl + F5)

Background Materials for this page were found here!

Gunpla and Model Kits

Photo of my RX-78-2 HG
Photo of Haropla
Photo of Hello Kitty Haropla with my God Gundam figure 1
Photo of Hello Kitty Haropla with my God Gundam figure 2
Photo of my Death Army HG and Master Asia Figure
SD Master Gundam
SD Cross Silhouette Mazinger Z
Master Asia and SD Master Gundam
RX-78-2 watching me code
Posing Death Army HG
God Gundam on Peepy

Various Leijiverse Items From My Collection

Gifts from a friend! Arcadia of my Youth Laserdisc, Betamax, and A Harlock CD.
A look at the betamax tape
Harlock and Maya on the back. OTP
My custom Maya plush.
My very rare Maya Endless Orbit SSX bag
Two Maetel Figures
Leiji Shelf Part one
Leiji Shelf Part two
Leiji Shelf Part three
Galaxy Express 999 CDS that were a gift
Arcadia of My Youth Book
Another Arcadia of My Youth Book
Arcadia of My Youth Drama-hen LP
Maya Shrinky Dink charm by a friend
Another Aomy book
Gifted custom Harlock and Maya charm by a friend
Aomy Postcards
Harlock and Maya mirror
Maya Plush and Felt Doll
Harlock and Maya cases
Harlock and Maya Doujins
Harlock and Maya Doujins 2
Harlock and Maya Doujins 3
Harlock and Maya Card Case
Arcadia of My Youth VHS
Arcadia of My Youth Betamax
Arcadia of My Youth Betamax Side
Arcadia of My Youth Betamax Bonus
My Arcadia of My Youth Books


cima garahau GGG figure
Fujiko Mine Figure
Master Asia with Cake
Big Link Figure
Master Asia and Peepy
Custom Maya Nendoroid
Sailor Moon, Venus and Jupiter Figures
Master Asia with Cake
Kamille Figure, and hamon and Kaneda
Link's Awakening Link Keychain and Amiibo
Hurricane Honey and Fujiko Mine figures
Tiny Crowley Hamon
Maya with Pocky
Custom Maya and Master Asia having cake

From Maine Trip 2019



Gundam Zine
Gundam Zine My Page
God Finger Pillow Glove Side One
God Finger Pillow Glove Side Two
Rarepair Hell Pin
Link and Zelda Plushies
Bootleg Speed Racer
Bunny Xing Sign
Chilling Skeletons
Pins on my bag
Luigi I saw in a comic shop
Truck with nothing but onions

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