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Transformative Work, Gifting and Collection Policies

I have separate policies for my fics, my meta, a policy further going into podfic, my artwork, as well as gifting and collections.

Policies could be subject to change at any time. I will also update the wording of my policies, make them more complete as well as it is needed.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.

Last updated: 3/8/2024

Blanket Fanworks Permission:

If you ever want to remix, podfic, translate, create art of, fanbind, remix, or any sort of a secondary fanwork of any of my fics: Feel free to! I’d truly be honored. You do not have to ask me in advance.

All I ask is for credit and link back to my work on Ao3 in some form, or any other archive I’ve posted on in what you make:

If you are planning on posting it to Ao3, please make it a related work if you’re posting it there. More specific details on this with podfic can be found in my Further Policy on Podfic.

If it is being posted elsewhere than Ao3, or somewhere that doesn’t have the related work feature in the Ao3 source code, link back to the original work on Ao3 in some form, or any other archive I’ve posted, or even my website.

More than one person is welcome to podfic/translate/remix/etc my fics as well. Please send me a link to what you’ve made so I can check it out too!

The secondary fanwork(s) in question must be noncommercial as well. I do not consent to my work being used in any commercial means.

Please do not reupload my any of my fics to other sites, if you want to share something, linking to the original fic link on any of the archives I’ve posted on and/or my website is more than ok though! Please do not upload reviews of any of my fics onto Goodreads either.

I do not consent any of my fanworks, either they be art, fic, or anything else, to be fed into any AI programs. It does not matter if you don’t even post it anywhere and only do it in private for personal use either. There are no exceptions to this. Please respect my wishes.

Further Policy on Podfic:

Please feel free to use either Linky (Pronounced Link-eee) or Linkily (Pronounced Link-ill-eee) when crediting me in the podfic.

I highly prefer that if you podfic my work, you post it in places accessible to the public that are non-monetized as well. It is also prefered these places are fannish or fannish-friendly if the host is able to be searched on.

If you use private podcast hosting because that is what works for you best that is okay. However I ask that you do not publicly distribute the podcast. The user [personal profile] godoflaundrybaskets has a fantastic post on a variety of options and tips such as using that will be helpful for you.

Parts of this one specific policy are remixed from the Further Transformation of/for Podfic Policy by [personal profile] bluedreaming.

Fandom Meta Policy:

My fandom meta, which is posted under the pseud linkydottxt on Ao3 is under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) Creative Commons License.

I also give permission to podfic my meta, as long as it is made a related work on Ao3, or link back to if it is posted elsewhere. Please refer to my further policy on podfic for when podficcing my meta as well. Just like with my fics you do not have to ask me in advance to make any sort of secondary fanwork about my meta.

My Meta pseud linkydottext is pronounced “Link-eee dot text”.

I give permission to archive my meta elsewhere too, as long as credit and a link back is given as either “Linky”, or “Linkydottxt” (Linky or Linkily)".

Gifting Policy:

Gifting is always enabled for me on Ao3 currently. You may feel free to give any secondary fanwork of my own fanworks as a gift on Ao3 if you so choose, as well as feel free to choose a fanwork to be a gift if you’re filling out a prompt I make/suggest as well!

Collection Policy:

Ao3 and other archives using it’s source code no longer lets others invite their work into collections, and thus this section is now outdated. However I will keep it here for prosperity.

Allowing anyone to add my works to collections at any time is disabled currently. But I still am open to other users to add my fanworks to a collection despite it being disabled. It is only off by default to prevent harassment/ward off trolls.

If you’d be interested in adding my fic to a collection of yours: I ask you ask me in advance either here on Dreamwidth or on in a comment on whichever fic you’d like to add to said collection on Ao3 so I am aware of the collection first. If I accept, you can then send the request to add it to said collection and I will allow the request as soon as I am able.

Note on SquidgeWorld and my works on there:

I have my meta on my SquidgeWorld account as well under the same psued “linkydottxt”. Some of my fics are crossposted there as well.

Currently some of my meta is only crossposted there and not on Ao3 alongside due to previous meta takedowns other users have described on Ao3. (You can read this post and this post, if you are curious about said takedowns.)

If you are posting your podfic or any secondary fanwork on my meta on Squigeworld itself, please make it a related work on there just as you would as if it was on Ao3.

All of what is described in this permission statement also applies to any secondary fanworks that would be posted on SquidgeWorld instead of/alongside being posted on Ao3.

Artwork Policy:

Please do not repost my artwork anywhere. Please feel more than free to link to it, reblog/any equivalent to a reblog/retweet.

But do not save my work, and then upload it to your own page. It doesn’t matter if you source my work either.

The only exception for this is: If I have gifted you something, or drawn it as a commission for you. If that is the case: Feel free to do so on any of your pages, I just would like ask for a link back to me.

You may only print out my work if it is for personal and noncommercial use. An example is printing out a chibi I drew to put in your binder or on a water bottle. Or printing out a illustration to hang or frame by your desk.

This is fine, but I ask you reach out to me on any of the platforms I am on, or via email and tell me first. (And then show me afterwards because I’d love to see it.)

If these rules around my artworks are not respected, I will revoke this specific permission. Please respect them.

Originally Posted on my Dreamwidth account.

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