Mayatober Gallery

Here is a place for posting the art I did for my personal Mayatober drawing challenge! It was a community event too. Here is the website I made to advertise the site on social media too with details about it!

Since this year I've been having to heal from a Rhomboid strain, I made this a very flexible and stress free challenge, also drawing challenges can be stress inducing enough. So I wanted to make this super flexible and chill: If you drew even one Maya in October, you did the challenge! Doesn't matter how finished the drawing is. Can be a full illustration, or a simple doodle.

Here are the works I did for Mayatober 2021:

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Chibi Maya
Hope Prompt
Sunrise Prompt
Smile Prompt
Stars Prompt
Stars Prompt
Love Prompt
Free Day

Drawing Maya makes me super happy. So I was thrilled to be able to do some doodles of her again with this low stress challenge!

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