Mayalock Playlist Page

Welcome to the Mayalock playlist page!! :D Here I will host Mayalock playlists created either by me or someone else. \(^u^)/

Kick back and relax!! (Or have several feels over these two and cry over them, with this ship... crying is bound to happen. T-T)

Playlists made by me:

Mine isn't done just yet... I always have been really bad with knowing music and putting playlists together. ToT I'll keep doing my best!!

BUT, In the meantime, here's a handful of songs that remind me of Harlock and Maya/songs I want to use in their future playlist or other themed future playlists of them:

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2

Ghost of a Rose - Blackmore's Night

Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Mama Cass - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Jason Mraz - Bella Luna

What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell

I swear in time I will finish this fanmix!

Playlists made by others:

Shoutout to ye-olde-fandom-playlists on Tumblr for making a Mayalock playlist!! I was overjoyed when I came across this. It's full of great songs fitting of these two, please give it a listen!

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