Mayalock Headcanons

Here are various Harlock/Maya headcanons, if you wanted to see them. I'll update this page from time to time when I have more to add.

They will be organized as follows: General and Fluff, Their Past, Angst, Harlock Specific Ones, Maya Specific Ones, Scenarios I made up in my head, and then miscellaneous/to categorize later.

A Note: These are just my personal headcanons for fun! This is all just for fun!

Last updated: 12/20/22

General and fluff:

Would sneak out of galas to go out to secluded gardens/areas to kiss, cuddle and just be romantic.

Garden dates are one of their most common type of dates.

Both of them would be together in the fields of Heiligenstadt and frolic and just see and take in all the nature they can.

Surprises each other with small gifs often, like flowers, or something they made for the other person, a kiss, a love note, etc.

They love to dance together, especially slow dances.

Communicate as often as they can (usually via radio) during periods when Harlock is stationed in space for the solar federation.

Their past:

Childhood friends to lovers, they both lived and grew up in Heiligenstadt together in their youth.

The Harlock clan and Maya’s family were neighbors and were friendly with each other. Because of this, the two first met when they were very young.


To be added.

Harlock Specific:

A nickname for Maya he has is “My Rose”.

He relaxes instantly when Maya strokes his scar.

Harlock takes every moment he can to show Maya his love for her, either it be words or actions (Maya too also).

A massive romantic.

Brings her trinkets from when he comes back to earth from doing solar federation work in space.

Maya is the only one allowed to even put a finger near any of his scars.

Maya Specific:

Received necklace from Harlock(?…maybe)

Maya sings love songs to Harlock, even ones she writes herself too sometimes.

Loves to tenderly stroke Harlock's scars.

Patches Harlock's clothes with her sewing skills, and loves to sew things for him too.

Calls Harlock “dear” or “darling” often.


Maya gently stroking Harlock's face scar, he relaxes. Maya telling him how much she will always love him, and then he dozes off later from the comfort and warmth of Maya's touch on his facial scar.

Miscellaneous/To Categorize Later:

To be added.

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