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Here are sites of fellow internet neighbors, affiliates, and some of which are my friends as well! Do check these sites out. Also take note that some sites linked here will be NSFW and for Adults Only, so keep that in mind as you websurf.

EggramenZanarkandKoinukoOmfgVencakeCyber rotSpirit CellarOcassionally ContentNostalgicSodium AmytalMizunoticPrfmumjammercammySukiyaki CityA wanderer's logEterniaRaylin ShireEnflictedThe Pastel DykeThe Lemonade Cafe Since 2003Tre.Praze.Net

YuinoidTrsatsukinailgunscumsuckserpentine malignMarinehaddockspillingdownunknown

Kerobit | Mayosine | The Brightest Star | illuminesce | Neckspike's Site

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More Sites to See:

RetasukalechipsanilinksrepthoubliettebugsiteomuloThe Nostalgia ProjectHako-AikoRotten Girl GangSailor Crystal Dot NetCorpse BrigadeFool Loverswhorehau.seWingsBlorbo.SocialLumpin ZoneWhimwitchlady's

Anathema, A Black Jack FanshrineKradeelavRoundAbouta213bnAmkiTakkCitro whos also a dorkAllyrat

See You Into The Future, Litda: Art, Hokuto no Ken, Kamen Rider, and more! Always great to see a fellow Kusaka enjoyer. Best viewed on desktop, has animated BGs.

Teddiursa: A cute site with Jpop translations! A wonderful personal site with a blog, ficlets, fic recs, and other neat things!

DLDR: Personal site with fic, and tons of useful links!

And you can check out even more cool sites of all sorts on this page!

My other sites and shrines:

If you also want to check out my other sites, a fansite dedicated to the Leijiverse - Station Arcadia, and To The Stars: A Fanshrine of mine, click the buttons below! I also have other fanshrines in the works as well.

Station Arcadia To The Stars Reaching Out

Link Exchanges:

If you want to ever exchange links, or affiliate with me and my site you can totally feel free to send a inquiry on either my email or my Dreamwidth! Also feel free to request being taken off at any point, no explanation needed. My feelings won't be hurt.

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