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Last Updated: 4/1/2024

Here's a page with links I think are cool! Topics range from making sites, classic anime, neat stuff in general, fandom, things for visual artists, and tokusatsu. There's a little bit of everything here.

Note that some sites linked here will be NSFW & for Adults Only (Like this site!) so keep that in mind as you websurf.

Table of Contents:

Site Making and Webmastery:

Let's Make a Fansite!: A stellar resource! My friend made this awesome zine full of tricks, tips, and also there's some templates too! Full of ideas of how to populate your site, and other things you should know such as making your site accessible. It helped me with inspiration for my Ankh shrine! Highly reccomend.

Resources List for the Personal Web: An extremely in-depth list of links! One of the best I've personally come across. Full of links to layouts, code snippets, beginner guides, and so, so much more. Worth checking out. I also recommend checking out the site that made this guide, 32-Bit Cafe.

Webring List + History of Webrings: Full of links to various webrings, and has a section of the site with history about them too!

The Quick ‘n’ Dirty Guide to Making a Website: Another great resource for beginners on making a site.

Randoma11y: Generates accessible color combinations for your site.

Spark Joy: A collection of useful links centered around web design.

Neat Stuff Found On The Net:

Flashpoint Archive: An archive filled with all sorts of preserved flash games!

Open source, experimental, and tiny tools roundup: Links to tons of things that can be used for sitemaking, art, gamedev, and more.

Fate/Stay Night Web Version: A recreation of the entire Fate/Stay Night visual novel, all in your browser!

Earthbound Text Generator: What it says on the tin!

Marginalia Search: An independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial sites, you can find all sort of neat sites this way! I love to press the random button and surf.

A Sailor Moon Romance: A vintage Sailor Moon fanfic archive still up today! While the original is gone, this is a revival of it from a fan. Has some essays about the significance and history of the site.

Adult Artist's Webring: Webring centered around bringing visual artists who create sexual art together in a corporate web. I'm glad something like this exists! A directory of open-source fonts! Ad and cookie free, and links to the original creators. A variety of little sex games that I like to imput the names of my ships into for funsies.

Classic Anime:

Anilinks: Remember the anime turnpike? Anilinks has you covered! It’s the modern day anipike.

IroIro's Retro Imporium: All about old anime and games!

Let's Anime: All about classic anime from the 60's all the way up to 1990, talks about fan culture from pre-internet anime fandom from time to time too.

Fexyesvintagemanga: Tons of awesome classic manga scans here.

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast: One of my favorite podcasts out there!

Erik's Anime LD Scans: What it says on the tin.

Oasidellanime: An Italian fansite with TONS of pages dedicated to various classic anime.

1979-1990 Anime Primer by 80sAnime: Various primers on all sorts of classic anime by 80sanime on tumblr.

Anim'Archive: " Scans of anime/manga/game-related material from the late '70s to the early '00s. All scans are from my personal collection of magazines, artbooks, doujinshi, goodies, etc. I have accumulated over the years." It's now inactive due to the owner scanning all their collection, an invaluable blog.

Daicon Archives: "Pictures, scans & magazines-related material from Japan SF conventions in '80-'90." They are also on Twitter.

Golden Age of Anime Magazines: A blog about Japanese anime magazines from the 1970s-90s!

Fandom Stuff!

For all your fannish needs! This section won't be about any particular fandom.

FujoCoded LLC: "Empowering fujoshi and other online subcultures to shape their web through software, education, and community collaboration."

Fandom Coders: From their site: Fandom Coders is a community where tech professionals and coding hobbyists alike can share and discuss their coding projects. I'm in their discord server, and it's really nice! Very chill and I really appreciate the work being done here to increase coding literacy in fandom.

Fanfic Symposium: Has a lot of cool meta essays on a variety of topics related to fandom and fanfic. It was active from 1999 to 2006.

Fandom Calendar: Dreamwidth comm with posts promoting various events, exchanges, fanweeks, fests, kinkmemes/promptmemes, zines, challenges and more covering multiple fandoms. Pan-fandom things too! Even things happening outside of DW!

Fanlore: A wiki by fans for fans, with tons of fandom history! I contribute to my own fandoms on there when I can. The OTW, the nonprofit organization behind AO3 is behind this project too.

Fancake: A multifandom reccing community on Dreamwidth! Has themes for recs people can post each month.

Janebuzzjane: Has a Ao3 Meme Prompt Skimmer, Ao3 Userscripts, and more neat things!

Commenter’s block: the lesser known cousin of writer’s block: I've found this to be very helpful. While this is fic oriented, I feel some of the points here are also general enough they could apply to fanart too! I really like how it goes into common sources of what causes commenter's block (such as shyness, low bandwidth, not knowing what exactly to say, etc) and the approaches it suggests to give a try, as well as the guilting-free wording on lurking. A great and informative resource. From the front page: "This website was created as a means to educate Anglophone (English-speaking) fandom and share academic resources on the topics of Fujoshi, Boys Love, Yaoi, and Danmei media. Danmei, BL, and Yaoi fall under Queer Media Studies in Asia. It is a rich category of literature used to freely explore sexuality, gender identity, social politics, and relationship dynamics for those often not at liberty to do so."

Big Bangs: Yes! You can run one, too!: A really informative post about what goes into running a big bang! A great resource for anyone looking to do their own.

Bobaboard: A very promising looking fandom platform that's still currently in the works on being created. Ms. Boba has been putting a lot of thought into it, which you can see if you read through the pages. Absolutely worth keeping an eye on it's progress! I look forward to it's developments and joining the platform whenever it opens it's doors.

Dreamwidth post on posting, sharing, and saving fic outside of Ao3: Various places and ways linked on other places to post your fic! Also has sections on sharing and saving fic too.

How To Make Your Own Fanfiction Archive, In Just 10 Easy Steps: Dreamwidth post with a very easy to follow guide on how to make a site for your fic with HTML!

Vex-Codes: Has Fic Archive and Individual Fic templates in the works! Great for those who want to make their own archive and host their fics on their site. "The Fic Archive Template will allow you to filter stories instantly by fandom, ship, rating, word count, or whatever else your heart desires."

The Fanfiction Webring: A webring of independent and personal websites hosting fics!

For Visial Artists:

Pure Ref: Software where you can put all your references together, like a corkboard! I use this often.

Glaze: Software created by the University of Chicago to help artists protect their work from AI. Also has a web browser version.

Same Energy: A search engine, click on/paste a link of an image you like, it will show you other images with a smiliar vibe!

Beginner's Guide to Digital Zines!: A great Zine for beginners about, making Zines!

Quick Stretches: Streching is important! A great visual reference that every artist should have on hand. Or anyone doing tasks with their hands often!

Luna Chai's Tutorials: Fantastic tutorials for those interested in creating and selling merchandise. I've used them myself in the past!

Ichi-Up: Japanese art tutorial/tips site. I've learned a lot of things about digital coloring here which I've used for my own art. All tutorials are in Japanese but also include visuals and I have found them pretty easy to follow using DeepL translation.

Line of Action: One of the best sites out there for doing timed gesture drawing! This is a good way to do them at home. I've used this site for almost, if not a decade. I remember when it used to be called Pixel Lovely.

R U AN ARTIST ON SOCIAL MEDIA???: A article about being an artist in the world of socmed, the impacts on your mental health, and moving away from it. If you create art, I feel this is a required read. Has great resources too.

Riot Image Optimizer: Learned about this tool from Spilly's site, I use it to help optimize the final image files of my art for posting online. Can be used for more than just art though!


Tokusatsu Kink Meme: Shamless self promo! A tokusatsu kink meme I run. Open to all tokusatsu. Either it be Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, Godzilla, Garo, Power Rangers, etc. If it is a tokusatsu, it qualifies to be prompted and filled for in this meme. More information, rules and links on the sticky post!

Kamen Rider Dreamwidth Community: Pretty inactive sadly, I'm the only one who really posts there. Still thought it was worth linking here, maybe this could also inspire others to try and revive it along with me.

Kamen Rider Kinkmeme: Also pretty inactive. I've done one old fill for it, and I plan to do more. It could just maybe make some anon happy. So you could try doing some unfilled prompts too! There is a post with unfilled prompts, as well as a tumblr archive of old fills.

Yet Another Toku Holiday Special: Also called Tokuhols! It's a yearly tokusatsu holiday gift AO3 exchange! You can check out the AO3 collection right here.

Extremely Awesome Toku Zines: A collection of Tokusatsu Zines found on!

The Toku100 Drabble Challenge: Another shamless self promo! It's a drabble challenge comm I run on Dreamwidth, though there are ways to take part without a DW account. You write Tokusatsu drabbles with prompts from one of the prompt tables, and going at your own pace. More info and links on the page!

ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL by TSUBURAYA PROD Youtube Channel: Tsupro posts official episodes and movies of Ultraman here that you can watch! For free! With subs in multiple languages! Some things even have dubs too!

Toku Kink Memes + Exchanges/Challenges Masterlist: Fair warning, a lot of these links are dead, or lead to inactive challeneges. The only one that is still active to this day is Tokuhols, which I've linked above. Thought it was still worth linking, so you could see past works through the links that are still alive.

Team Kamen Rider: "Team Kamen Rider is looking to expand Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu in the United States." If you're in NA, and want to stay up to date on official Kamen Rider releases news, this is the account to follow. Here's their Linktree too, just in case Musk Explodes Twitter sometime in 2023, which is likely.

PR 2017: A DW comm made around the 2017 Power Rangers movie, but it also welcomes Super Sentai fanworks and discussion! A vintage fansite dedicated to the third entry of the Super Sentai series, Battle Fever J!

Dedicated To Black: Another vintage fansite dedicated to both Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX!

Number of Kamen Rider works on AO3 over the years: Like Kamen Rider? Like Fandom stats? This is a real neat tumblr post looking over Kamen Rider fanworks on Ao3 over the years! Covers 2007 to 2022.

(Archived) Kaiketsu Zubat Fansite: A fansite all about Kaiketsu Zubat. Part of a whole vintage website centered around toku.

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