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In The Dark of Night

Fandom: Captain Harlock

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock/Maya, Kiruta

Rating: E

Word Count: 2803

Contents: PWP, Public Sex, Skinny Dipping, Blow Jobs, Alternate Universe - College, Cunnilingus, Fluff and Smut, Vaginal Fingering, Some Slice of Life and Humorous Elements

Notes: Shoutout to my good friend labicheramure who gave me the idea to do a skinny dipping fic in the first place! This fic wouldn't exist if she didn't give me this fun idea.

When I write (or draw) College AU Harlock, I use CWZ Harlock as a base. Since he's a younger and little more chaotic Harlock, and add and amplifying some elements to him I've noticed from my time in college campus and seeing a variety of students to capture that college student energy.

Summary: After wanting to give skinny dipping a try, Harlock has planned ahead for a night at the campus lake to have some fun with Maya there.

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The lake by the University was known for being serene. Lush varieties of flora, the small brooks that flowed into it, and tall trees that have certainly been there for easily over a century were abundant around the lake. It was scenic, and beloved by students, faculty, locals, and visitors alike.

To Harlock that made it a perfect place to cause some mischief. It looked like a prime place for something he’d been aching to do:

Skinny dipping.

Seeing it done in so many movies for the longest time, he wanted to give it a go. While everything under the sun was glamorized to hell and back on the silver screen, skinny dipping looked like it would be just as great, if not even better than the movies if you had the right group of people with you. Or the right person.


With Maya, anything and everything became an incredible experience to Harlock if she was there. The company of her made everything better. Meals, club time, classes, studying…

Curious about it too, she was also very excited for the prospect of skinny dipping with Harlock. Knowing this he’d plan ahead a couple weeks in advance just to make sure things would smoothly. Because campus security hated the two fucking around on campus.

Figuratively and literally. So they’d have to be extra careful to avoid deep trouble.

Eyeing the lake, a smirk came across his lips. Over the past couple weeks Harlock took note that at night the lake had little to no security pass by. Noticing that recently, he asked Tochiro to hack into their documents. Since Tochiro was a real tech genius, it wasn't long before he got his best friend the goods.

The findings he got of the usual patrol route confirmed this. So there’d be no trouble with guards passing by at night.

Harlock could imagine it now, so clearly in his mind… The initial jump into the water. Splashing and swimming around. How the moonlight shined on Maya’s figure as well as the water. Excitement formed in him at the thought. Oh, he couldn’t wait.

When night would fall, Harlock would set his plan into action.

“I didn't know just how gorgeous it would be at night.” Maya’s eyes sparkling at the view in front of her. Eyes widening a little with awe, taking in the beauty of nature.

Lying his leather jacket on top of his bag by a nearby tree, he couldn’t help at finding just how adorable Maya looked right now. That look of childlike wonder at the scenery, made a smile form, having the feeling of falling in love all over again.

“It is a gorgeous sight.” Arm wrapping around her waist, bringing her close. Maya’s heart fluttering within an instant. “But it pales in comparison to you.”

Not even five minutes into their date Harlock was already making her heart race. He never freezes at the opportunity to do that, does he? Declarations of the love he feels in his heart was something he always did.

She was falling in love all over again too.

“Oh Harlock…” Leaving a soft kiss on his nose, Maya also brushed some stray hairs off the side of his face. These gestures made the smile he had wider.

Running his fingers through Maya’s long flaxen hair and gazing into her eyes, “This lake sparks more romance than I thought it would.”

“You can spark romance just about anywhere. I’d say one of your special skills.”

“I’m honored.” Closing the space between them, he began to kiss her. Taking in the warmth of her lips, as well as taking his sweet time. Maya didn’t mind it at all though. Time froze as their arms wrapped around each other, and the kiss deepened. Then Harlock slipped in a little tongue, Maya doing the same as she grabbed his hair. Both of their bodies even closer together than before.

Coming to for air after their little makeout session, Maya chuckled softly. “We’re already getting steamy and we haven’t even taken our clothes off yet.”

A gleam in his eye then winked, “Well… let's change that then.”


In the midst of taking off their clothes, as Harlock pulled his pants down Maya slipped out of her light pink dress, body tensing a little as it hit the cool air. Revealing the fact she wore nothing underneath this whole time.

His eyes took her in from head to toe. “My my… You’ve really gotten into doing that on our dates lately.”

Chuckling, “These clothes weren’t going to be on long in the first place.” Then sprinting to the lake, “Besides, I know you like it!” Jumping into the water, the waves from the splash sparkling in the moonlight.

Harlock was surprised with how bold she got over time… You wouldn’t really expect it with her usual demeanor. But Maya was correct, he liked it very much.

Flinging the last bit of his clothes to the side he dashed, the cool air hitting his body as he ran towards the lake. Goosebumps forming as his speed picked up. And just as fast as he ran to the lake, he dove in just as quick too. The impact left a bigger splash than Maya’s. Leaving her to suspect he was trying to show off a little.

Coming up from the water, his eyes went to his girlfriend. Looking at her in awe. Beauty truly unmatched was in front of him as the moon light hit her body and how elegantly she moved through the water. Eyes started to slowly look towards her chest until—

“Hey!” Laughing, Maya sent a splash at him. Cold water hit his face, making him chuckle. “Come on! The water is great, so don’t just stare at me the entire time!” She beamed, giggling uncontrollably. The couple’s giggles and chuckles evolving and erupting into full on belly laughs. Making bigger and bigger waves throughout the duration of this little splash fight of theirs.

The sounds of their laughter and the many, many splashes from the antics taking place filled the night air as they ran around the lake.

Amidst preparing her next splash, Maya’s eyes began to glance at Harlock’s body. He wasn’t the beefiest guy on campus, not that that mattered to her, but the man was still quite toned. Heart racing, cheeks flushed slightly seeing his naked body. Wet. Only now was she getting a real look at it. And what a good look it was. Just then—

“You’ve opened yourself up!” Harlock laughing playfully another splash was sent Maya’s way before she could even react. “I can’t blame you for checking me out though.” Giving an impish look her way.

That look made her blush up to her ears. Always guaranteed to make her blush, as well as get worked up. “Oh, you’re such a tease!”

Sauntering over towards her, looking at her up and down. From head to toe, his dark brown eyes just eating all of her up. Tilting her head up gently, thumb on softly stroking her lips. All of her body shivering from it. “And I know you love it, baby.”

He was right. She absolutely did.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Now throwing all her usual inhibitions aside, she pounced right at him. Harlock's arms wrapped around her as he caught Maya, feeling the warmth of their bodies.

Closing her eyes and snuggling into his chest. Savoring his body heat. It was always comforting to her, nothing could come close. “So warm…” Her voice slightly muffled, due to pressing her face into his chest.

Too cute.

Stroking her head, he held her even closer in the embrace. Heart melting at seeing Maya so relaxed. Her breathing gradually synced up with his own, eyes closed in total relaxation, a soft smile.

She’s just too damn cute.

Absorbed in the moment, then all of a sudden feeling a hand slowly move towards his ass. Body shivering, goosebumps as well as something else entirely— started to form as one of his asscheeks was groped. Very lovingly.

Looking up at him with an impish smile, “Oh, don’t mind me.”

“I don't mind it at all.”

Slowly, her hand slid from his ass to his cock. Then started stroking it, teasingly. Thumb circling on the head, and enjoying the sigh Harlock made.

“ And you say I’m the tease…”

Chuckling, she inched herself down until she was face first in front of his cock. His body shivering as Maya’s hand slowly stroked up and down. It twitched as a slender finger traced it up and down. Harlock was about to lose his mind.

“It’s hot seeing you all worked up like this…” She then began to suck his cock. Harlock grabbed her hair, letting out a low moan. Legs trembling from sheer pleasure.


“Feels good doesn't it?” Maya cooed.

“ More, please. More.”

Her free hand went to his balls, fondling them as she went back to sucking. Licking the head of his cock in slow circles. He gripped her hair as he arched back. Letting out a moan as his hips jerked forward.

“Fuck! Maya… God, you’re too good at this…” His legs were trembling, eyes now hazy and grasping her hair even harder to just try to attempt to keep standing upright. While unlikely they were going to get caught, if he got to a point where he stopped giving a damn. Losing himself fully in the moment he just needed more.

“Maya– I’m– Aah–”

That’s all she needed to hear, speeding up her pace. Getting his cock even deeper in her throat, Maya wanted to make him cum.

And if the whole campus got to hear how good he’s getting it? Even better.

His hips sharply jerked forward, harder than the last time. Back arching, grasping Maya’s head, moaning loudly. “ Fuck– Haah… Nngh–!!” Cumming inside Maya’s mouth. Contently swallowing Harlock’s cum as he took his cock out and began to catch his breath.

“God… You’re amazing Maya.” Helping her get back up from her knees. “Sorry about–”

Booping his nose, “Don’t apologize. That's what I wanted after all.” She smiled. “I’m glad I was able to make you feel that good.”

“It was incredible. And now I’m going to return the favor.”

After going to the nearby tree where they left their clothes, Harlock was at it lovingly eating out Maya’s cunt. Desiring to make her feel amazing, only getting more intense as he licked around her labia, gradually getting his tongue in deeper and deeper, and sucking her clit.

Both of her hands were grasping his hair, biting her lips to make an attempt to not moan at an intense volume. “Mmh! Oh god– More Harlock, more!!”

Now tracing his finger around her labia slowly, making Maya exhale fervently. “Does it feel good, my rose?”

“Yes. Oh god, yes.”

“Good. I only want to make you feel amazing…” Sliding his fingers into her cunt, slowly stroking in come-here motions. Gasping more fistfuls of Harlock’s hair, arching back as she moaned loudly. The moans only got louder from there as he began to lick her clit as he fingered her. Now unable to hold back her moans anymore, hungering for more.

Her back arched as far as it could against the tree now. “Aaah– Harlock! More! More…!”

Maya began to pant avidly as he now sucked and licked her clit, and his fingers went deeper. All of her body felt a rush of heat engulf it whole, her mind hazy. Now unable to speak coherently from the immense pleasure. “More. Ngh! Please–”

Amping up his pace, Maya’s moans could probably be heard across the whole campus now. Which was already a regular occurrence at this point.

She felt it. She was close. Very close. “Harlock. I’m so close– I’m–”

“Good. Cum for me, Maya.”

Her entire body shook as she began to cum “ Haah…Harlock–!!” Hit with a crashing wave of euphoria. Gradually catching her breath and panted as the orgasm began to end. “God… that was amazing.” Nuzzling into his chest again for warmth from the cold night air.

Smiling and feeling proud that he gave his beloved a great session. “I’m glad Maya. You deserve only the best.” Leaving a kiss on her head, wrapping her in his leather jacket to keep her warm.

As they lounged for a few moments, as Harlock began to put his clothes back on, trouble showed its ugly head.

It was the man in charge of campus security overall: Kiruta.

Well shit.

Glaring daggers right at them, his eyebrow furrowed. “What are you two doing out here this late?! Knowing you two, it can’t be nothing but trouble.”

Harlock and Maya felt their stomachs sink. Kiruta was a damn madman, they had to get the fuck out and now. Or it was gonna get real bad real fast.

It took another second for him to truly register what was going on. The rage forming inside him palpable. “...Skinny dipping? Harlock, and you too Maya… I’m going to let the both of you have it now!!”

In one swift, impressive motion Harlock picked up not only their remaining clothes but also picked up Maya too. Holding her bridal style securely in his arms. Not a stranger to making a mad dash from Kiruta, Harlock was ready to get the hell out of there. Just as soon as he was ready he made a run for it.

They had to get back to their dorm, and fast. Or Kiruta would raise hell unimagined. With great speed, Maya held tight and still wrapped in his jacket. Harlock made a mad dash in the direction of their dorm’s building.

Thank god he had his pants on as he sprinted across campus at least.

As the door was shut, and double locked the two flopped on the couch. Harlock catching his breath. “Shit! I didn’t think we’d actually get caught there.” He handed Maya’s dress back to her, “Are you okay? Let me get the heater on.”

Nodding, “I’m okay. Just glad Kiruta wasn’t able to catch up to us.”

Turning on the heater, “I know the way around this campus better than he does. Been able to outrun, and outsmart him each time.”

Maya giggled. “That’s true. It’s honestly impressive how you manage to evade him.”

“It's by the skin of my teeth sometimes, but I manage. I’ve dealt with people like him in my youth. But he definitely is more determined to get my ass than the others I’ve come across.”

“Well, you’ve always been the sort to stir up trouble.” Twirling one of the curls by her face as she spoke.

Strolling to the kitchen, he got out some mugs. “The Harlock clan has always been prone to that. My ancestors were the same. We live our lives free, doing what our hearts desire first and foremost. And some people just aren’t too happy about that.”

Chortling before she could even start her joke, “So, The Harlock clan desires to have sex in public?”

Bursting out in laughter and bending over onto the counter. “I don’t want to know about my ancestors’ sex lives! A man like me prefers to leave business like that alone!” Maya’s joke busted his gut. He hadn’t laughed this hard in a while.

After composing himself, and it did take a good few minutes to achieve that, he opened up the cabinet. “Do you want Tea or Hot Cocoa?”

“Tea. Chamomile, please.”

“You got it.” Smiling as he set up the tea bags, as well as the kettle. It wouldn’t take long for it to be ready.

Glancing over at Harlock’s DVD and Blu-ray selection looking at the massive selection. A good amount of them being bootlegs he bought or traded, discs he burned himself or gifts he received. She looked back at the kitchen, “Do you want to watch a movie together?”

“I would love that.” Responding as he poured the tea. “Any particular series or genre you’re in the mood for?”

“A rom-com.” Taking in the aroma of the tea.

Flipping through the shelf, he pulled out a DVD of The Proposal. Maya giving a thumbs up from the couch, he popped it into the player and the couple relaxed for the rest of the night. Cuddling, taking in the moment, just enjoying each other's company as they watched a marathon of different romantic comedies. Kissing each other many, many times throughout. Eventually both passed out cold on the couch.

It was a night the two would never forget. Loving the experience of it all, they definitely wanted to skinny dip again in the future. A thrilling, sexy, and overall fun time.

They’d just do it somewhere where Kiruta wouldn’t be able to catch them again next time.

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