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Harlock is Not Good at Studying

Fandom: Captain Harlock

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock/Maya

Rating: E

Word Count: 1608

Contents: Alternate Universe - College, Fluff, Smutty, Fade To Black

Notes: This was the first fic I uploaded in nearly years on Ao3, and it began my efforts to just write more in 2022, regardless of end quality and fight my perfectionism that just froze me and kept me from writing in the first place.

Summary: Maya and Harlock get together to study for Professor Zero's big test for the semester. Maya is focused on helping Harlock study, and he's focused too... until he's not.

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Harlock just couldn’t believe it.

A free weekend that he had no classes on. A weekend he was free. Ready and planning to party hard with Tochiro and Emeraldas, schedule a date with Maya, and have a damn good time. While he actually did get a date with his girlfriend on both Saturday and Sunday…

He had to study. Goddammit.

Maya just wanted to make sure he would get at the very least a passing grade. And Harlock understood very well why she was so intent on it. This was Professor Zero’s big English test for this semester, so a lot of his grade was on the line. Forty percent to be in fact. He couldn’t blame her.

But man, he just wanted to party this weekend. Enjoy some wine, cause more ruckus on campus, play games with his best friend Tochiro, hang out with him and Emeraldas too, and maybe get a little dirty with Maya when nightfall hit.

…Well, more than a little. He wanted to get absolutely filthy.

Either way he was just bummed he had to cancel his plans. Harlock is a free spirit, and has a reputation on campus for being chaotic and doing what his heart wants. No matter how much Dean Triter hated it. Maya just cared about her boyfriend. Even though he loathed having to study for this damned test, he would do his best.

For his Maya.

He knocked on Maya’s dorm door. “Maya, I’m here for our study session.”

The door opened momentarily. With a calm voice Maya chirped, “Hello Harlock! Are you ready to study for the big test?” She looked so damn cute in her casual outfit. It was a simple and light white sweater, with some gray leggings. Cozy attire that was perfect for studying in.

Harlock was just in his usual outfit as always, his leather jacket embedded with a white skull and crossbones on its back, the tank top underneath, and his leather pants and laced boots. He had an aesthetic he liked to stick to and that wasn’t going to change.

Her smile and kind eyes were always welcome sights to Harlock. Even if he was about to endure the snoozefest which was the act of studying, being with his girlfriend would make it leagues more bearable.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He spoke with a soft, yet tired smile.

“Come on in then! Make yourself at home while I get some tea and get the textbooks out.” Maya went to the kitchen and put on the kettle. Harlock hung up his jacket and lazily laid on the couch in the meantime.

“I’ll be making us some green tea for today Harlock.” Her voice echoed from the other side of the room, the shuffling of tea boxes could be heard. “They say it helps with memory and focus!”

“Looks like someone researched on her tea. You're as forward thinking as always, my rose.”

“Well if you want to at least get a C on Professor Zero’s test, you’re going to need better memory and focus. Especially with your track record after all!” She laughed, her cute laughter filling the room.

A playful smile spread across his lips as he chuckled. With this casual air already being quickly established… Maybe studying wouldn’t be that bad after all. Plus maybe he’d get to study something else later.

The kettle sharply whistled promptly just after that last thought. Soon Maya then brought the tea over, and the textbooks after that. It was now time to study. Maya smiled sweetly at Harlock and rested her head on his shoulder as she opened the course textbook. A smile came across his face too, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Both of them got cozy before they began to study.

Maya flipped through the pages and then promptly stopped. Her finger laid on the start of the section they focused on for today’s session. “Everything is now set. So let’s start! We’ll begin at chapter 39…”

Little over ninety minutes into studying, Maya was quite impressed with how well Harlock was holding up. He was also quite surprised by his endurance himself, and how he was able to focus sufficiently. No sass, he didn’t fall asleep, or get majorly distracted. He attributed to how casual and calm the mood was when he arrived as a major factor.

This was quickly about to change however.

As he took the last sip of his tea, his eyes glanced over at Maya’s soft lips. Perfect for kissing. The beginnings of daydreams of passionate makeout sessions blossoming. Seeing her lips form soft shapes as she spoke made his heart skip and his body start to get warm. The temperature would only rise from here.

Next, he noticed her hands as they flipped the pages of the textbook. Willowy. Elegant. Possessing the most gentle and soft touch in all the universe. Nothing compared to holding them, kissing them, taking in that feeling of her magical touch as her hands feel up and caress any part of your body. Harlock especially loved her hands on his facial and body scars, his ass, and especially his—

Get yourself together Harlock!” He yelled in his mind. Soon straightening up his position on the couch. “You have to focus!”

He gave his all. But despite his best efforts, he quickly lost himself again.

As he fixed up his position Maya’s legs and thighs were now in direct view. Her leggings accentuating her stunning thighs and legs. He couldn’t stop looking. His body was now getting hot, especially in-between his pants. Fantasies developing even more intensely and vividly than the previous ones. Oh how his body now craved to get between them and get real close to Maya. To feel them wrap around his waist as they began to—

This was it. Harlock reached his limit, his body and mind couldn’t even try to focus on studying right now.

He gently placed his hand on Maya’s, and stroked it softly with his thumb. Maya’s cheeks turned pink instantly. “Maya, I think I need to take a break for now.”

“You’ve been doing great this session. I am really impressed.” She smiled. But her eyes focused on Harlock’s hand caressing her own. She could feel her heart racing. “Do you think you have fifteen minutes left in you? We’ve almost reached the two hour mark.”

He spoke with a low tone, “Well, there is one topic I would like to study for the next fifteen minutes… Maybe even longer than that too. Even all night, perhaps.” Harlock’s dark brown eyes now looking directly into hers. Those breathtaking aegean eyes he could never get enough of.

“What would that be, Harlock?”

“Your body.” Harlock smirked.

Maya’s eyes widened and face turned beet red. He always used that cheesy line. She should have seen it coming. But damn, if it didn’t push all her buttons in the right ways perfectly every single time. Her body was now hot as well.

Both of them were now lost in their hunger for each other. They couldn’t focus on studying anymore. But the couple did just about two hours worth of studying anyways. They could afford and deserved a good break.

Harlock and Maya’s eyes were glued to each other. Both of them now filled to the brim with carnal desire, and couldn’t take it anymore.

Studying could wait.

Without hesitation Maya got onto Harlock’s lap, wrapping her legs around him. They then both wrapped their arms around each other and began to kiss passionately. He slid one hand into Maya’s long flaxen hair, placing it at the back of her head to bring themselves even closer as they continued to kiss.

Maya smelling that sandalwood cologne he knew she loved. Him tasting the strawberry chapstick she chose to wear today. The heat of both their bodies pressed close onto each other. Nothing else in the whole world mattered in this moment, especially that test. Everything in the world came to a standstill.

When they both came to, Harlock looked up and down admiring his girlfriend with a smirk. Maya’s hands placed on his toned chest, she was able to feel his form through the tanktop. But that wasn’t enough for her. Sliding her hands under his top to get a much better feel, he emitted a low moan and arched back in relaxation.

“That feels good, Maya. Feel me up as much as you’d like…” His hands slowly slid onto her ass. Then fervently grabbed it and began grinding so she could feel his erection. The sensation made Maya shiver, and have a wanton moan. She did the same in response, grinding on his throbbing erection. Getting very, very cozy on his lap.

He couldn’t help but moan either. “Mmm…” Circling his hands on her ass slowly, so he could see Maya moan and shiver more as he did. Chuckling wickedly as he continued.

“Harlock,” She cooed. “Are you ready to pull an all-nighter then?” She let out a sultry chuckle.

He couldn’t believe Maya was taking notes straight out from his book. With the playful teasing she’d do about his admittedly cheesy lines, he never saw that coming… Regardless, Harlock fucking loved it.

It pushed his buttons in all the right ways too.

He kissed up Maya’s neck to her ear, his lips now pressed on it. His hot breath hitting her skin he uttered, “I am my rose.” They frantically undressed each other, and soon after Harlock was right on top of Maya. She was pinned down on the couch.

They should definitely study together more often.

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