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Captain Harlock

Here you will find my fics for Captain Harlock that I've crossposted thus far. Continuities will be specified if revelant to the contents of a fic.

The Mayalock fics are in their own section, which you can find right here: 🔗 Mayalock Fics

Coffee Break

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Mr. Zone, Amus

Rating: T

Word Count: 1937

Contents: Mid-Canon, Canon Compliant (Endless Orbit SSX), Talking, One Shot, Mid Episode 11

Summary: It was supposed to be just a simple break for Mr. Zone. However… Commander Amus wanted to have a word with him.

Furry Friend

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock, Maya, Tochiro, Emeraldas, Mii-kun

Rating: G

Word Count: 766

Contents: Alternate Universe - College, Slice of Life, Humor, Cats

Summary: Harlock, Maya, Tochiro and Emeraldas were just on their way to class. Expecting another typical day on campus ahead of them. A day of class work, homework and the typical shenanigans to piss off Head of Security Kiruta and Dean Triter. But none of them expected this to happen.


Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Harlock

Rating: G

Word Count: 143

Contents: Gen, Inrospection, Canon Compliant (1978 Anime)

Summary: Harlock sits in his quarters.

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