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Hand in Hand (Never Letting Go)

Rating: G

Word Count: 2089

Contents: Pre-Canon, Fluff, Romance, Plotless, Established Relationship, Slow Dancing, Holding Hands, Picnics, Kissing

Contents: Drabble, Fluff, Romance, Pre-Canon

Notes: Written for the #ficwip The Tiny Ship Fleet Fest. My soul desperately needed some fluff with these two when I wrote this, so that's what I made.

Summary: Spring has arrived in Heiligenstadt. Harlock and Maya enjoy the beauty that this season brings to their home, as well as enjoy time with each other.

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Spring has come to Heiligenstadt. The sky was blue and crystal clear. Fields of lush green grass swayed gently in the breeze, plants springing to life as the weather warmed up. Inside a garden outside of an estate was Maya. Taking in the sights of nature during the season's beginnings.

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Sitting at the wrought iron table in the center of her and Harlock’s garden, surrounded by the plants and flowers they tended to together.

Looking over to all the plants they tended to together, admiring what the season had brought them. The roses, lilies, tulips, and so many more. Each of the colors on each flower all so vibrant and breathtaking.

They’d tend to a small patch that had fruits and vegetables as well. Some of their strawberries, peas, onions, potatoes, and carrots were about ready for picking! Excited to cook some meals with Harlock with the food they’d grown themselves. Already she was able to taste the delicious food that was to come.

Birds flew across the sky, rabbits ran throughout the fields, you could hear the wind gently blowing through the trees and the sound of water from nearby rivers.

Gazing out at all the nature around her, in awe of the life Spring breathes into the world. Earth— It truly is a gorgeous place.

A place worth protecting.

Right then, she heard the sound of a door sliding open. It was Harlock, back from doing errands in town. Wearing his favorite poet’s shirt, it was a perfect day for it. He looked incredibly fetching in it too, which was another plus.

“I’m home.” Soon coming over to the table as he carried a bottle of wine, two glasses, and some vibrant red roses in his arms.

“Welcome back.”

Putting down the glasses and bottle on the table. Then he took her hand, placing a soft kiss on it. Maya’s cheeks coming to a flush instantly, and her heart absolutely aflutter. Especially when he looked up at her with that warm smile.

Then delicately putting one of the roses from the bunch into her hair, putting the remaining ones into a vase.

“I knew I had to get your favorite flower while I was in town.”

“You’re too sweet.” Admiring the roses, and how fresh and vibrant they were. So full of life. The perfect embodiment of spring, and the vitality it gave to nature. “These are some of the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen.”

“They are gorgeous… But they pale in comparison to your beauty.”

Her heart melted.


Placing a soft kiss on his forehead, the two looking at each other, smiling. Only focusing on the moment. Hand in hand, gazing into each others eyes as the warm spring sun shone on them, and the breeze passed by.

It couldn’t get better than this.

“Let’s have a toast, Maya. To the start of spring.”


Pouring two glasses of wine, a deep and rich pinkish-red. Harlock raised his glass, “To the start of the season of love, hope, youth and growth!”

“May Spring continue to breathe new life into Heiligenstadt, as well as all of this beautiful Earth!” Maya added, the couple then clinking their glasses in cheers.

Both of them sipped their wine, taking in it’s rich, dry, yet also a tad sweet flavor. Gazing into the endless green fields and forests in front of them. Taking in the beauty of the nature, admiring their home, and the infinite beauty this planet had to offer.

Taking in the beauty of their Arcadia.

Arcadia… Heiligenstadt was so often compared to the ancient Greek paradise. For good reason, It’s picturesque wilderness felt like it came straight out of classical paintings.

All the fields of green, the clear skies, the lush and plentiful forests. If there was such a place to compare to such a paradise, it was here.

This was were Harlock and Maya both grew up, the homeland of both of their families. The Harlock and Rosenberg Germanic Pirate-Knight clans. Both of these clans having close ties that went back several generations. It was those close ties between their families that brought them together.

Growing up the two clans had constant celebrations, and alongside these parties the two would play and spend time together every single day in the nature of Heiligenstadt— their home.

Both of them loved their home, and every inch of this world with all their hearts. To both Harlock and Maya, Earth was a wondrous place. Lovingit just as much as they loved each other.

Looking over to Harlock, “It’s so gorgeous today, seeing this view… It takes me back to our days in our youth.”

“Truly. It’s as stunning today as it was all those years ago. Like it has never changed.”

“We would run together in these fields, hand in hand.” Now looking towards the lush green plains. “Sneaking out from our family's galas to enjoy nature, either in daylight or under the light of the moon…”

Now leaning her head onto his shoulder, “I will forever cherish those memories.”

“As will I.” Harlock leaned his head onto Maya’s, both of them now looking into the distance. Enjoying this moment of closeness, surrounded by such beautiful nature.

Gently tilting up her chin with his hand, giving her a soft and sweet kiss. Maya’s fingers intertwining into his hair. Both of them tasting the wine on the other’s lips.

Slowly coming to, their faces still so close. Only just millimeters apart. Lovingly gazing into each others eyes. Unable to help himself from placing more gentle kisses across her beautiful face. Her nose, her cheeks, and her forehead.

Giggling filling the air from them both as he continued to scatter kisses. Maya stroking Harlock’s facial scar softly throughout it all.

“Darling, let’s go to our favorite spot. And have a picnic. With this weather, it would be perfect.” Twirling his hair in her fingers.

Once again he kissed her nose.

“I absolutely agree.”

Gathering some ripe strawberries from their garden, they also packed up some sandwiches, and put in the bottle of wine, as well as the two glasses, now cleaned.

Giddy and giggling, the two wrapped an arm around the other with the picnic supplies in tow.

Exactly like in their youth, they ran together. Hand in hand, laughing, smiling— through the fields then through a the nearby forest by their estate. Enjoying the surrounding nature as they ran past. Inside this forest was a clearing.

Their favorite childhood spot out of the many they frequented.

It was a quiet little field of pink forget-me-not flowers by a pond. Countless hours were spent here as they grew up, so many cherished memories that were forever ingrained in their hearts.

Setting up the blanket now sitting by the pond, surrounded by all the flowers and the wondrous views nature before them.

Excitedly Maya set up their lunches, while Harlock poured up two more glasses of wine. Full of joy and love as he looked at how happy his beloved was as she set up their food.

“Our strawberries turned out wonderful!” It was if Maya’s eyes sparkled as she looked at them.

“I’d say this is the best batch we’ve had yet, they look delicious.”

Saying cheerily, “I want you to have the first one, Harlock.” Picking up one of the plumpest ones, she fed him it. Harlock took great care to not bite her finger, blown away by the taste of their fruits of labor. The berry was fresh, ripe, and perfectly sweet.

Picking one, Maya placed a forget-me-not into Harlock’s hair. His eyes softened, giving a kiss. Feeling his smile and able to taste the strawberry on his soft lips.

“Let me give you one too my love.” Feeding her one in return. She felt her heart skip a beat as she bit into the strawberry, having direct contact with his gorgeous amber eyes. As for the berry, it was absolutely delectable.

“Wonderful! These are at the perfect ripeness.” She hummed happily Picking up a glass, “We did an incredible job this year.”

“May next year’s strawberry harvest be even better for us.” The two clinked their glasses in a toast, enjoying some more wine.

Harlock kept admiring his beloved. His heart soft and his soul in pure bliss upon seeing her smile with such abundant joy. The sunlight almost giving her an angelic glow. In this moment, he was falling in love with her all over again.

Gently took he her hand, and held it. Softly stroking with his thumb again.

They took delight in the food, and this moment alone together. All he wanted to do was just sit here forever with Maya. Stay in their favorite childhood spot, and shower her with endless affection— just like all those countless times before.

Looking over to the flowers next to her. “I remember when you’d put flowers in my hair when we were children.”

“They looked so wonderful in your hair.” She giggled.

All his heart melted from her adorable laugh. “Thank you.” He smiled, “Seeing these flowers reminds me of how you made the most beautiful flower crowns.”

Inspiration sparked just then to Maya. Quickly she began to weave a flower crown of the forget-me-nots. His heart aflutter seeing her hum happily as she weaved the flowers together by hand.

After a few minutes, she gently put the crown onto his head. Lovingly admiring him, “They look just as wonderful on you as they did back then.”

His heart melted again.

Oh, how he loved her more than anything in all the universe.

Intertwining his hands with hers. Taking in the warmth of Maya’s gentle, loving touch. Glancing at her lips for just a moment, so perfect. So kissable—

Maya noticed this. With a smile she closed the space between them. Gently kissing his lips, her hands now cupping the sides of his face. Able to feel the breath of the other on their faces, Harlock was absolutely lost in his wife’s eyes.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Tenderly kissing her soft lips, then her nose. Pressing his forehead onto hers. Wrapping his arms around her, bringing her ever closer. Both their noses touching too, smiling, eyes closed, taking in this wonderful moment. Savoring it.

Getting up, reaching his hand out to Maya “My love, would you have this dance with me?”

A smile as warm as the sun. “I would love to.”

Hand in hand, step by step, the two began a waltz. The calming sounds of nature and spring as their music. It was just like when they were kids.

One of their favorite things to do when they sneaked out of galas was slow dance together. Looking into each other's eyes with love and admiration, as they continued to dance. Arms wrapped around each other, their hearts now beating together as one.

Moving his hands to the small of her back, Harlock dipped Maya and kissed her tenderly.

Stroking his lips with her finger, “I love you, my darling.”

“And I with you, my rose.” Pressing his forehead onto hers, their noses touching and his breathing in sync with Maya’s. Taking in this moment of closeness, a new memory being engraved into their hearts for the rest of their lives.

For as long as I live in this sea of stars and beyond, I will love you Maya. Always and forever.”

Leaving a peck on his cheek she then rested her head on his chest, nuzzling into it. Soothed by the beating of his heart and the warmth of her body. Harlock softly stroking her head.

“Oh Harlock…” Giving him a peck on the cheek.

He adored Maya, more than anything. And she felt exactly the same way about him.

After a few moments in embrace, both of them went up to the blanket. Laying on their backs they looked up to the sky. Watching the clouds, within the distance you could see very faint outlines of some nearby planets too.

Looking towards Maya, “One day, I want to go to the stars with you. To see all the vastness of space with you. Just like we promised as children.”

“To explore the Sea of Stars with you… I’d love that more than anything.” Looking right back at him.

Tenderly kissing his nose, then giving a gentle, and loving poke. Immediately both of them burst out laughing, that gleeful laughter soon filled the air.

All of today— it was the absolute perfect start to the spring season.

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