Events and Fanzines:

Various events I've participated in! From fests, to exchanges, zines, art swaps, and much more! If there is a public link to a zine, or if it's found at the account, it will be noted.

Some events even have dedicated pages about them! Specifically exchanges, art swaps, fests, and the like. Though I might make pages for specific zines if I want.

Last Updated: 9/18/2023

Due to the rapidly sinking ship that is Twitter, I added the exact same publicly distributed links for digtial zines as provided by the Twitter accounts here as well. Only zines with links that were intended to be distrubuted publicly will be added. Any private links will not be shared. You can still view my contributions on my site though.

If there is a problem/you are a mod to one of these zines I am linking to, and want it taken down at any point please do not hesistate to contact me and I will remedy it as soon as I can. Methods of contact are on my about page.


Leijiverse Zine, 🔗Tumblr Page, Zine Downloads can be found there.

Zelink Zine and Zelink Zine Compendium, 🔗Tumblr Page. Zine Downloads can be found there.


Urusei Yatsura Zine 2020 Editon, 🔗Twitter Account, 🔗Zine Download as provided by the Twitter account.


Urusei Yatsura Zine 2021 Editon, 🔗Twitter Account, 🔗Zine Download as provided by the Twitter account.

VOGUE GALACTICA, A Legend of The Galatic Heroes Fashion themed Fanzine. Artist and Mod. 🔗Twitter Page, 🔗Zine Download as provided by the Twitter account.

This Precious Planet Earth: A Gundam Charity Fanzine. The art I did for it can be found in my main gallery.


Another Toku Holiday Special 2022

Fandom Trees, page coming soon!


Monster Smash Exchange, page coming soon!

Citrus Squad: Horny Jail Fan Zine 2023, 🔗Ao3 Collection, 🔗My Works. You can check out the Zine at the Ao3 Collection.

Sakura Exchange, page coming soon!

Artcade 2023

Fandom Gift Basket, page coming soon!

Pakige 3: Summer Buggin'

Trick or Treat 2023 Exchange, page coming sometime!


CSS Only Tabs: 🔗Can be found here.

Mdn Web Docs' page on 🔗Making responsive images.


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