Used in helping of coding this site are the following: html color codes, color-hex, w3schools. I also used's very helpful Make your website responsive tutorial to help make this site mobile friendly.

For accessibility and W3 web standards I'm using: A Field Guide to Web Accessibility, Color Safe, W3C's CSS and HTML validators, The WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

The template for all my art galleries was made by KM Claude! A massive thank you to him for releasing this wonderful resource for artists to use.

I've also used Codepen and Web Maker to help preview my coding in the past. My coding software has a live preview option, so I don't use these anymore. Some pages that have helped me are Mozilla's and w3 school's Iframe pages, This one page on about centering divs.

Part of the pride layouts by Kalechips was used to redo the navigation bar, also used Classless CSS as a jumping off point for multiple pages on the site such as the sitemap and meta pages.

This site was hand coded with love in Brackets by me. Outside of any code snippets given explicit credit to here, I coded the majority of this site myself.


The art used in the header is by the late and great Kazuo Komatsubara, originally drawn for the Arcadia of My Youth Drama-hen. Vgmdb has a page on it for those who are curious! The same art is used in my newer banners and buttons.

Some of my banners use my own artwork. For my original blue button I used this official art of Maya, Pixel It to make it pixelated, and I used the m5x7 font by Daniel Linseen on This same font is used in my newer 88x31 buttons for the redesign.

Other fonts used in graphics such as my header and other banners are Glimmer of Light by Sansakerta on dafont and Berkshire Swash on Google Fonts.

All newer graphics thus far were edited in Clip Studio Paint or Photopea because I dont have Photoshop. Same goes for every one of my buttons and banners.


Fonts used for the website are Open Sans, Poppins and Vidaloka, all found on Google Fonts.

Other various resources I've used are Gifcities has been a wonderful site for gifs I use and have used (such as Minako on my front page and TrixieTurnpike on my about page), this answer on substack for one part, and RSS Guide.

The web browser I use is Firefox, but this site should be friendly to any web browser. Brackets only does it's live previews in Chrome for now so I know my site is friendly in that browser too.

I stared intently at several old 2000s personal and fansites (either they be archived or still online), ones made in those styles, old layouts from that time that are still online for inspiration to help me capture that 2000's web feeling.

Here are some of the many places that I studied how layouts from the time were structured for visual inspiration:

Celestial Star, Lovely Designs, jade/graphics, Sailor Stars Tsukuttemiyou!(Archived), Sailor Dream, Total Venus Destination, Pirates Board, and too many more to list. (Seriously!) You can find more sites of all kinds of inspiration I gathered from in the cool sites page!

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