Rec: Dear Sister, I've Become a Blessed Maiden

Orginally Posted on 🔗My Dreamwidth Journal on 8/21/2023.

Originally Titled: Posting About This BL Manga Since I have No One Else To Talk About It With

So in 12 hours I have read all of what is currently out of "Dear Sister, I've Become a Blessed Maiden". I didn't expect to get emotions over this manga and the two main leads... but I have! And now I have nobody to yell about this BL manga with. Hence this DW post!

I'll be going a little more in-depth about basic details and my feelings on this manga 🔗as promised in my last entry, but without spoiling anything.

This is sort of a "primer-lite". I don't want to go too in-depth, but one day I will make a more in-depth one about it. (One talking about side characters, going into a bit more about the leads, have some images attached, etc.) Most likely when the manga is completed, since it is still on-going. I would be more confident in making a beefier primer with a completed canon.

But what is here is enough to rec and pitch the manga to those who'd be interested in giving it a shot.

🔞 This manga is R18, and very smutty! And so will be certain contents below, though not talked about in explicit detail. But this comes with the nature of talking about this manga.

Dear Sister, I've Become a Blessed Maiden is a isekai BL manga. While is a lot of isekai out there in general today, I like how its done here. There is some fun world building for the horny aspects too but I'll get into that.

Content Warning: The first handful of chapters do have dubcon contents.

Very Basic Overview: One of the two leads is Umehiko Ishikawa, a chef. His sister Momo gets sucked into a portal by a sorcerer, Theodorus Tramble. In this world sorcerers have the blood of monsters in their veins, which is something about Theodorus that comes into play later. At the very start of the manga you can see him setting up said portal with an extremely valuable material.

His goal is to get a "Blessed Maiden", which are people (typically women) who are overflowing with magic and the magic replenishes the sorcerer. Theodorus is running low on magic, hence his goal here to acquire one.

Momo gets sucked within the portal, but so does Umehiko. Umehiko is able to send Momo back but Theodorus grabs hold of Umehiko and keeps him back in his world. Pissed off that his original idea for a blessed maiden was send back to earth, he makes Umehiko the blessed maiden instead, desperate to replenish his magic. Smut ensues. So does plot. (So both types of plot.)

This manga is a "come for the porn, stay for the plot (and enjoy the rest of the porn :D)" sort of manga. The two leads gripped me more than I anticipated. I love the dynamic between the two as well, and how their relationship continues to evolve and how they grow throughout the course of the series.

The Main Leads: Umehiko is a kind hearted man, always putting others before himself. He takes pride in his ability as a chef, and he wants to help others around him when he can, and won't leave a person hungry either.

While Theodorus is a lot more self-serving. Originally treating Umehiko as more of an object than a person at first, this changes as the story develops. Without spoilers: There is a lot more to him than meets the eye!

Theodorus' story and motivation, and how Umehiko and Theodorus' views on each other, and how their relationship changes over time was what hooked me on this manga. This manga is very good at hooking you right in those first handful of chapters. You just want to know what happens next!

I also just love their dynamic. I was drawn to this manga for how these two remind me of Ankh and Eiji from Kamen Rider OOO from the art alone. Especially Ankh when put next to Theodorus. (Say for the hair color.)

And there is a little bit of ship flavor overlap with the two. Bickering, Ankh/Theodorus is a little shit. But like Eiji, Umehiko can have it in him too. The two growing to care about each other over time, and like Ankh and Eiji: These two need to get better at talking about their feelings! (And in later chapters there is some improvement there!)

These two do stand on their own compared to Ankh and Eiji, and there are differences. But I mention this because if you like Ankh and Eiji from OOO, or just enjoy that sort of flavor of ship, you will get something out of Theodorus and Umehiko.

Other Details: As mentioned before, there is some interesting and fun bits of worldbulding. Both for the smut, and not smut aspects! (But mostly the smut aspects. :D) I enjoy what is described of the sorcerers' and blessed maidens. It's not required at all, but I do enjoy when a series gives some sort of in-universe explanation for the smut that occurs. It's just fun.

And the art is truly gorgeous and a treat for the eyes. I love Yuiko's character designs, and how they draw each character. And the smut parts are drawn so well! Very steamy and hot. :D It does not disappoint.

Overall this is a fun manga, that I have really enjoyed so far. Stunning art and a narrative that gets you curious, as well as a main relationship you want to see how it evolves. Some parts even made me tear up a little bit! I didn't expect to feel as many emotions as I did over this manga, but I welcome it.

I hope it can get a physical release in the west sometime, since right now it is digital only in English. But given how other digital titles licensed by Coolmic got physicals from other publishers before: It is possible! The series is still ongoing, and currently sits at 42 chapters.

If you are in a financial situation or a region where you are able to do so, you can support the artist via multiple official means.

🔗Coolmic has all of the chapters so far. The first 8 chapters are also on 🔗Renta BL. You can also find the manga on DL site, both in 🔗Japanese and 🔗English. Coolmic is the one most up to date compared to the other English official distribution methods (that I currently know of), but the panels are cut up in a webtoon-esque format. That is far from a deal breaker for me, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

Another way to support the manga is to let publishers know you are interested in a physical version if you like it! I'm definitely gonna submit it to the Seven Seas survey, or try and let SubBLmine know as an example. (I live in North America so I do not know publishers in other countries that do BL manga, since I don't live there.)

Or you can let a friend know about this manga too, if it would be something up their alley! :D

If you enjoy BL, Fantasy, The sort of relationship as described as above, good smut, or all these things, I think you will enjoy this manga. It's worth a try.

Bonus TextAnd I need more people to yell about this with!! XD I just have so many feelings about it! Fannish feelings too in the mix!

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