6/17/2022 - Good-Bye, Site Profile

I've decided to turn off my Neocities profile. Not only am I unable to respond to any comments on my own profile (outside when a user posts one, on my profile and not under a post of my own. That truly has been the only circumstance I can reply) I have never been able to leave comments on the profiles of others. I always feel bad when someone leaves a kind comment that I can't reply to. I promise I've read them all!! And they meant a lot.

I don't know what is the reason behind this bug for me, and I've contacted support about this more than once to no avail. I've heard nothing back for over 8 months now. I know only one person is behind the support if I remember right. Regardless it doesn't matter if this is ever even going to get fixed or not, It's not the reason why I chose to do this.

The reason is that I've recently realized the "site profile" aspect of my site is too much like social media to my liking. And that's because all things considered: the profiles are a type of social media. Even if only much more on a smaller scale, it has a framework of a social media platform. So it is too much like social media to me because it is a form of one! (I swear I can form sentences... It's one in the morning as I write this... almost two in the morning... I gotta sleep soon.)

I used to count views on my old page for fun, only because it reminded me of kiribans from my deviantART days, but I am not here for views or followers. Never have been. I stopped caring about those things after joining a small (English speaking wise) old anime fandom and creating for it. I've long since moved past feeling the desire for big numbers.

I'm here just to have fun! To just have my own little space to have a good time, posting blog posts, art, writing, gush about my OTP, etc.

While I like the site profiles in the sense of they are neat for seeing real time updates of a site, we also have RSS feeds for site updates. So just check out my RSS feed (either my own, which I will be updating more, or the one Neocities has for my site) for any sort of updates of my site. Or check back from time to time, as often or not as you'd like. Whichever method of your choice.

I am still super open to talking with others! As well as link exchanges! The links on my links out page are going to stay the same too. As always either email or Dreamwidth are the best methods to contact me. You can even ask for my personal discord ID those ways too. And I will get back to you as soon as I can! I've got very low spoons these days due to irl reasons, and I apologize for the overall delays in responses I can have.

While this is a blog post I'll be crossposting this to my changelog too. It's like both a changelog post and a blog post me, also my site my rules. (I'll do that in the morning though...

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