5/3/2022 - Lovely Lemons & The Fujoboard

Going to be showing my age with this short blog post: But I love the Citrus Scale. I love myself a good, good lemon. Things with a reference to lemons are a surefire way to get me to buy your fandom related merch. I’ll show some of my lemon related goodies I’ve got so far:

(The sticker was a bonus from another order, the shop isn’t open again yet. And you can get the pin here!)

Case and point: The Fujoboard. An April fools item that actually is, a real product you can buy. Just take a look at this absolute beauty:

(I am not sponsored by the way, this is just an item after my own heart, so I had to get one.)

I had to get the lemon one because I love myself a good citrus scale reference. It's absolutely wonderful and I adore it!! Really glad I was able to get one. I don't have any kind of block cheese in the house right now so babybels had to do for this. This is the chibi size of the lemon paddle, which is the smaller of the two and honestly babybels look really nice on it.

This is a great cheeseboard, and is going to continue to get much more use from me in the future! Seriously, the best part of being an adult is buying a cheeseboard with a citrus scale reference with my own money, that's also shaped like a yaoi paddle. It’s such fantastic quality too, just one of the best purchases I've made.

Also if you live with your parents like I do, this is so subtitle enough that they won't get the reference. Most won’t get the reference. So if you live in a space with people and don’t wan’t to explain why your cheeseboard has “yaoi”, “yuri” or “a/b/o” on it and what those mean(just some of the other options that can be engraved on the board) this is fun and subtle. Only those who would truly know, will know.

My mom, who asks questions whenever she sees something just saw the board and was just like "oh that's cute!" and she has no idea of the origin. Perfection. She was a tad confused at first that I got myself a kitchen utensil because it's not a purchase I usually make. Until I explained "I use cheese boards for myself a lot already" and she didn't disagree there because it is true. I eat cheese a lot and use boards for them a lot. Then she called it cute when she saw the lemon text.

The lemon fujoboard is good if you want a fun old-school fandom reference, and an easy way to make up why it has lemon on there, if you even have to make up a reason. My mom didn't even ask, and she asks about everything.

The proceeds for this also go towards the development of Bobaboard, a fandom platform I have been supporting and will continue to support, both with my word and dollar in the future. It is not up and running for the public just yet but it is the most promising upcoming fandom platform, with Mrs. Boba putting a lot of thought and care into it, what a fandom platform needs, and more. Definitely a thing to support and keep an eye on.

I rate this 1000/10. Truly an item after my own heart. Again I'm not sponsored, I just GENUINELY love this so much and it will see much use, love and care. Citrus scale 4 life!

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