12/24/2022 - It's Been A Minute!

It’s been a while since I blogged here, huh? I just keep forgetting to. I use my dreamwidth a lot more often, so I plan to integrate it into this blog soon thanks to Sadgrl Online’s tutorial. But I also plan to crosspost some posts to here manually to have here, and vice versa.

This site isn’t dead, far from it! This year has just been a lot, and a lot of the updates I’ve made are also more smaller in scope. I also forget to update the changelog and my RSS feed… I have plans! And I’m still working on some shrine redesigns, mainly the Harlock, Maya and Mayalock shrines, as well as writing up the respective contents for each. I also plan to make some Toku shrines. I’ve actually been working on one for Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO.

I also plan to crosspost some of my fics here, later on. They’re on AO3 and Dreamwidth, but the more places the better. This isn’t a high priority though, and is more down the line. I’d like to get those shrine updates taken care of first. I also home to buy a custom domain for this site in 2023 too.

As said earlier, this year has been a lot for me IRL. And I used up a lot of energy with my site’s redesign back in the summer. Spoons have overall been lacking too and it makes it hard to draw, code, write, socialize, etc these past several months. Here’s hoping the new year will be kinder.

Thank you for being patient and for your continued support!

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