Winamp Skins and Shrine

Winamp Skins Selection:

Winamp was something I loved dealy and remember fondly from when I was young. I remember listening to all sorts of songs, and downloading so many skins for my player. Especially Sailor Moon ones. I'm glad winamp is availber to get again and I can relive my days in the 2000's listening to OSTs and have a Sailor Moon skin on my player once again.

Click on the screenshot of any skin to visit it's link to check out and download. There's a big selection, and I'll add more over time too. Please let me know if any links are wrong or broken! There will probably be a lot of Sailor Moon ones lol, but I'll have as big of a variety as I can! I want to showcase tons of skins related to my interests here. I highly encourage you to check out the winamp skin museum yourself too!

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