Endless Orbit Webring

A ring dedicated to showing off cool sites and bringing people together on the web! Sail the vast sea of the web!

This Webring is now closed. I sincerly apologize to anyone who has applied to this ring over time, that I never got back to. When I first made my site, and this webring, I had a lot more free time and spoons that I now currently lack. One day I might bring this back, but it depends on how my life goes. Thank you to all who have sailed the seas of the net with me, and to those who have expressed interest. I'll still keep the wiget around for now for those still in the ring, but I might take it down one day. I'll update it if that time comes.

Welcome to the Endless Orbit Webring! This is a webring dedicated to be a habor to all sorts of websites that invoke the feeling of the old web. Being on the old web was like sailing the sea of stars, a sea of freedom. While immensely vast, treacherous, and a real wild west(in both bad and good ways), there truly was a sense of discovery that web 2.0 does not have. (Gonna plug my blog post about my feelings about the current web/web 2.0 instead of clogging this page with my anger towards it any longer.) So, are you ready to get aboard and set sail?

Here is the list of Crewmates sailing aboard this webring!

While this webring has a Leijiverse inspired name, you are by no means required to be a Leijiverse fansite or have any content related to it to join! (But it would be super cool if you did have some Leijiverse stuff on your site! But of course, it is not a requirement.) I'm just a big ol' nerd and wanted to give it a name like this. There are only three simple requirements to be able to apply for this ring:

And thats it! those are the only things required at all. If you are on the webring and if I do find out you break any of these rules, you will be promptly removed. Breaking these rules is not tolerated. Other than that your website can be about literally anything! Old anime, rarepair ships/OTPs, your creative works, a link directory, video games only 3 other people know about, tv shows, a website entirely dedicated to shoebills, screaming into the endless void, you name it! As long as your site follows the simple rules above you are eligible to apply and will be added to the ring! If you fit this criteria, feel free to send me an email at webmasterlinky@gmail.com with the subject of "Endless Orbit Webring" and a link to your website the by clicking the picture below:

I am only human but I will do my best to get back to you and add you to the webring as soon as a I can. This is also my first time doing something like this, so please let me know if there are any bugs and I will do my best to fix them! Also please feel more than free to customize the CSS of the widget for yourself if you so please! Here is what it will look like by default if you are curious:

When you are notified that you are accepted into in the webring, copy and paste the following code onto your website:

I will do my best to fix any bugs, this is my first time ever making a webring. Please bear with me as I learn to master this! Speaking of this webring: This webring is powered by Onionring! Click the link to check it out and learn to make your own! Shoutout to them for making these tools so people can make their own webrings in this day and age.

I look forward to sailing the seas of the web with you all!

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