My Tokusatsu Watch List

Here you can see what I have seen in full, what I am currently watching, and what's next for me! I watch things that currently air, see things on my own, and watch with friends. Either via streams or in person. Also a sampling of the growing list of tokusatsu I want to see. I’ll do my best to keep this page up to date.

Last updated: 4/9/2024

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Toku I have currently seen in full:

This section is roughly in chronolgical order. (What was first finished is up top, to the newest down.) I say roughly because my memory cannot be trusted for some places for a few of the earlier ones I finished.

Toku I am currently watching through:

What's Next:

Watching Through (But On Pause For Now):

Things I am watching but are on pause for a variety of reasons. Most often schedule based ones. Though I will get back to them!

Toku I am interested in:

This is just a sampling, because there is a lot! I cannot guarantee when I will get to these. But they have my interest! Wanted to have a list of sorts somewhere for myself for future reference.

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