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Originally Posted on: 7-28-2023

Contains some light spoilers for Kamen Rider Ryuki.

The thing about Asakura that makes me so obsessed about his character is not so much that he is a unapologetically a villain, with no deep reason for why he does what he does. (Though don't get me wrong here, I enjoy unapologetic bastard as much as the next guy!)

It's more so the fact he knows damn well he has no reason.

He knows he has no tragic backstory. That nothing that happened to him during his life that made him how he is. There is no "good reason", or even any reason Asakura is how he is and does what he does. More than once it's brought up that "there must be a reason for this". People just cannot believe there is just this guy who is murdering people just because he's pissed off. There has to be a reason!

But there isn't one.

And he revels in this. Using it as a salt to rub into the wounds of others. Multiple times too.

Origin of the meta

I had this tumblr post queued, a graphic with many screencaps of Asakura just beating the shit out of Emu from the Brave Let's Survive special. I liked the tags I made going into Asakura as a character, so I put them up here with a bit of the formatting fixed up.

🔗Here's a link to the post with the graphic in question, Warning for Lots of Blood, and Violence in the graphic. Look at your own discretion.

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