Welcome to the spice zone! ;)

Reposting any of my work on SNS or otherwise is forbidden. Please do NOT repost my artwork.

Here is Harlock and Maya Hentai drawn by me only 3 other people on this planet would probably want to see. If you want spicy headcanons, click here! Looking for spicy fics? go here!

A Note: In my work they are not fixed in position, who is on top or who is domming is reversible. I like to change around who is in power with these two. I also do solo works with them and those solo works will be shared here too. There is the occasional tentacle as well! Big fan of those. I draw kinky stuff with them too which is also here.

(Content Warnings, will update list as needed: Lactation)

This page is very image heavy, and will take a moment to load. If some images don't load, try refreshing, clearing your cache, or hard refreshing. (Ctrl + F5) If none of these solutions don't work, let me know in my guestbook. And I will get to fixing it as soon as I am able to.

(Last updated: 6/16/2022)

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