On Rinne's Ring

Originally Posted on: 1-21-2024

Contains Spoilers for Kamen Rider Gotchard. Originally posted on Dreamwidth.

Something I really appreciate about the color of Rinne's ring is just how different it is from the others. It's one of a kind. And it's something completely separated from the hierarchy and traditions of the alchemist world. Which is extremely fitting with this latest episode and with how her arc has been going: how she is now off to set her own rules.

Even though I haven't seen the winter movie so I haven't seen the original scene of when she got it, being given this unique ring color also feels like its a message from her father to do just that: To go forth and chart her own path.

Forget Chemy Law and the natural order. Go write her own rules for herself. And use them to bring light and hope to the world.

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