Pakige 3: Summer Buggin'

๐Ÿ”ž There is R18 artwork ahead. By proceeding you agree you are 18+, and are okay with seeing such contents. If you see something you don't like, we have the back button for a reason.

A private annual toku zine for celebration of a space out there somewhere! You can view other fanworks that have been publicly shared by their creators in the zine's ๐Ÿ”—Ao3 Collection.

Shoutout to my friend Taiga, since one of their discord messages about my pieces when sharing WIPs is what I used for the titles of both of them. You can check out their Ao3 ๐Ÿ”—right here. They write banger fics and you should check them out!

Predictably, both of my pieces were OOO-related. Prepare for what I like to call: The Duality of Gatakiriba.

Both of these can also be found in my respective rider art galleries. You can also view both of my artworks here ๐Ÿ”—on Ao3 as well.

Bug Hunting

Lineart fanart of three Gatakiribas from Kamen Rider OOO. They are drawn in a forest, which has bushes in the foreground, and multiple trees and a rock in the background. One Gatakirba is peeking out from behind a tree, on the tree there is a stag beetle the one isn't seeing. The second one is leaning forward with a hand to their face to help look for bugs. The third and final one is peeking over the bushes in the foreground, a bug net in hand. Each of the three of them are wearing sun hats.

Little Gatakiriba chibis out looking for bugs! It was really fun drawing these little guys on a big adventure.

My first time having drawn an actual rider suit. Here's to drawing more!

Bird Feeding

Fanart featuring Ankh and two Eiji's via the cloning powers of Gatakiriba from Kamen Rider OOO. It is black and white lineart, no shading. You see a close up of Ankh, who is sandwiched between the two Gatakirba suits that you see from the mid torso to the thigh. Their suits are unzipped and both of their dicks are extremely close to Ankh's face and head. The one on the right is holding his dick to Ankh's tongue, while the left has a hand pushing behind his head pushing him closer to his own dick, which is right in front of his face also. Both dicks are leaking precum, and Ankh has his eyes closed and his tongue sticking out while eagerly participating in this scenario.
blowing Toei's CG budget for the bukkake scene - My Friend Neck (๐Ÿ”—Their site)

And here's the second piece I did! Some bird feeding. Ankh's having a fun time here, hehe.

So can you believe I barely found anyone using the combo powers of Gatakiriba for porn purposes? In my personal digging anyways. So I had to change that.

(There is a non-zero chance that fanart of this concept might still exist out there somewhere. But I don't know where.)

This is also the prettiest Ankh I've drawn so far... I am glad it was for this.


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