This is what I'm up to right now, on 2/16/2026! Inspired by


Currently reading the stories in the volume I have of Cat-Eyed Boy by Kazuo Umezu. It's a real page turner! And to read some manga from the 60s in English is always a treat.


Been toying away at the first Slime Rancher again. I've also been hooked on Suika game ever since I got it a couple months ago. Also some TOTK here and there.


Been drawing for myself mainly, which is nice! I've been hooked on drawing Gotchard fanart especially since that show is giving me massive brainworms. And of course, OOO fanart as always.


Working on some short fics for an event called Sweetheart Bingo this month. One is done and just needs to be beta read, the others I am working on.


Outside of my usual weekly watches of the currently airing toku (Kamen Rider Gotchard, King Ohger), and the weekly streams I attend (Daimajin Kanon), I've begun watching Kamen Rider Amazon on my own. And I love it! Also recently finished Kiva and damn that finale went from one hundred to one hundred thousand in the last minute.


Contemplating doing the Smut4Smut exchange. I put in a sign up but if nobody offers any of the fandoms I've nominated then I'm just withdrawing. Other than that I'm just chilling.

Web Dev:

I changed up the navbar recently! It's nice to finally get that done. It's been bugging me for ages, and I'm glad I finally had the spoons to work on that. I've also finally updated this page in months lol.


Continuing to go to the gym weekly as last time, it feels good. And makes me sleepy lol. Overall life has been pretty stable for me as of late.

It's not perfect, there's a lot I wish was different right now, but without getting into detail: after multiple turbulent and hellish years it's nice to be able to get some form of rest like this.

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