Never Satisfied

Originally Posted on: 8-19-2023

Contains Major Spoilers for Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Thinking about how Asakura had the highest body count, but even then he never got to kill and in some cases even really get to have a good fight the riders he really wanted to. Kitaoka specifically comes to mind for this.

Asakura never really got much of a chance to have an actual battle with Kitaoka that satisfied his needs.

Even if he killed the most riders compared to anyone else in the Rider War, it never mattered to him. Because he never got to add the specific riders he wanted to fight the most to said count.

He got to commit so much carnage, to fight as much as he wanted. Asakura was given a golden opportunity for a person like him when Shiro brought him into the fight. Now he can endlessly battle to his hearts content. Continuing that endless cycle of violence that he craves so much.

But it doesn't matter. Because he didn't get to have what he truly wanted.

And going back to Asakura and Kitaoka: He felt so dissatisfied, and angry, when realizing that he killed Goro instead of Kitaoka. Realizing that he was already dead, and that his chance to fight him and have that fight where his needs and urges are satisfied has long since passed.

So he snaps.

Being pissed off and not feeling satisfied enough, realizing getting what he wanted is impossible now, and then just rushing towards what is certain death for him in one last ditch effort to cause more carnage is a death that suits him from a thematic standpoint.

Asakura lived as a man who was always angry and never satisfied, endlessly craving to create more violence and destruction. It only makes sense he dies the same way too.

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