Daybreak Gotchard Theory

Originally Posted on: 12-28-2023

Contains Spoilers for Kamen Rider Gotchard. Originally posted on Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

Only today did I have a chance to watch the latest episode of Gotchard, about to work on this batch of icons but I got feral in Discord over reading the Rising Fighter English translation of the lyrics, and connecting potential dots in my head. This is cleaned up and made more coherent than my original Discord screaming.

The uses of both fire, tomorrow and future, in the lyrics makes me very 👀 since daybreak gotchard is now in the show and looks to be a prominent part of this arc.

Some snippets that have really got my attention:

I was born into this world for a reason
When you’re alive you can get the good and the bad
Go beyond yesterday
Go change the world
Ready, go push your heart forward

Stand up and take action
Move on and look forward
Going on until it burns out, let’s go

Don’t stop, it’s not over yet
No one is truly alone
Now is the time to fight

I think the entire opening chorus is worth mentioning, since I feel it describes Hotaro’s overall attitude pretty well.

How he’s willing to keep on going for his dreams, what he would call his “gotcha!”, and pushing through and never giving up along the way. As well as fighting alongside those beside him.

Get it on
Gotchard Gotchard
Gotchard Burning Fire
Gotchard Gotchard
Gotchard Shining Future

This part of the chorus really is interesting to look at now given the existence of Gotchard Daybreak looking at this has me thinking as I’ve been listening to this on repeat since the full version dropped:

Gotchard Daybreak might be Hotaro from the future?

Either that, or some other alchemist from the future. (And there’s a lot of possibilities there if it’s not a future!Hotaro.)

But even if he is or not, given his one quote about Hotaro grasping the future into his own hands, my guess I he might have come from a future and is trying to make Hotaro change something that must have happened from his time period.

Four Screenshots of the scene with said quote

Daybreak Gotchard fighting a malgam and saying, You have exactly two choices. Daybreak Gotchard fighting a malgam like the previous screenshot. He is saying: Will you leave everything to me?

One more screenshot of Daybreak Gotchard fighting the same malgam: Or will you grasp the future with your own hands? A shot that is a close up of Daybreak Gotchard, he says: Now make your move!

Whoever this is, he has come to steer Hotaro to the right course and help him overcome whatever weaknesses he is still currently dealing with, and finding himself more in general.

He’s stronger than he was at the start of the show, but Hotaro definitely still has much more growing he needs to do. Which was also shown in this episode.

Something I’ve been taking note of is a general theme in Gotchard that looks to be shaping up thus far is: Taking charge of your own future, with your own hands.

Which we can also see parts of this theme present in how Rinne’s arc looks to be shaping up. I think even Spanner might potentially get a taste of this theme too…

(Though it’s still a bit too soon for me to say with any confidence. We’re only now beginning to get more looks into him since his mentor is now part of the picture.)

And I think the lyrics in this song really reflect that theme of grasping the future too.

The text from tumblr tags from my post for prosperity:

Hello dash would you like some gotchard meta and theories

this show just has something in the sauce im telling you. it just activates my autism. its like a sort of catnip for me.

there could have been more that I could add to this post but I want to keep it coherent (and i hope it is!)

also its hard without having actually seen the film because there could even be more stuff in there that i just dont know right now

ive read some spoilers for the film but i certainly dont know them all and the film is plot relevant (which makes it sad that we have to wait 6-7 months BUT ANYWAYS)

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