Can't Do It Alone

Originally Posted on: 12-4-2022

Contains spoilers for Kamen Rider OOO.

This is a response to a tumblr post with a clip of the aforementioned scene. 🔗Original Link.

I think about this scene so much. This is another one of those scenes I find to be incredibly important in terms of the evolution between Ankh and Eiji’s relationship since the start of the story. To me, it’s up there with tajador being used for the first time in terms of importance in showing how much has changed.

Ankh is going of his way to protect Kitamura, because he knows if Eiji actually hurt him he would be utterly distraught. AND alongside doing that he is also saying out loud that he needs Eiji’s help.

At this point in the story Ankh knows damn well he needs Eiji in order to restore his true form. It definitely pains him in his pride to admit that, so thats why he tries to make it all “I don’t care what happens to you, BUT”. But by now he knows he cannot do it alone.

In the start of the show Ankh would never have gone out of his way to save a civilian, and admit he needs Eiji in order to achieve fully restoring his Greeed form. But since then so much has changed, and this whole scene really shows that.

(Also do not get me started on Ankh breaking Eiji out of the Putotyra combo, holding Eiji as he collapses onto the ground and Eiji saying “I knew you could stop me…” Because I will scream for another 10000 hours and this would be so. Much. Longer. JUST… THESE TWO. I think about them so much.)

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