Artcade 2023

This year I took part in my first Artcade event run by both 🔗ScumSuck and 🔗Deflectric. It was a real joy to have taken part in this event! I had a blast making my gifts for others, and seeing what everyone created throughout the event period.

While I wasn't as active as I hoped to have been, I made art I am very proud of. And I cherish the gifts I got! I also hope to get an actual site profile page up in time for the next Artcade.

Entry Token

My Entry Token as it was laid out for the event:

Name: Linky


💞 Favorite characters: Phera, Teal, Rosa

😻 Likes: Fluff, Smut/NSFW, Cheesecake/pin-ups, Slice of Life, Romance, Sexual Tension, Cute Things, Funny things

💡 Prompts: Phera being her spunky self, Teal swashbuckling, Rosa enjoying some roses and being with The Radio Host

🚫 Do Not Want: Pregnancy, Scat, Inflation, Watersports, Extreme Gore, Eye Trauma, Vore, Vomit

🔃 Repost Permissions: Feel free to post wherever you like! Please just add credit and a link back to my website if you do.

Note: "The Radio Host" is the filed off serial numbers name for a character who you will see together with Rosa on her toyhouse page. (But you will see her original media name there.) I also still need to flesh out my OCs more, so hopefully there is enough to work with! I was not able to make a artcade page/DW post in advance. If I'm able to make a simple artcade page/post this month, I will update this post accordingly.

My Gifts!

Gifts I was given from this event! I am sharing the ones I have permission to repost and share on my site, and am following each of the specific instructions in each artist's repost permissions.

These are all listed in chronological order.

Beri and Phera by Suba

Beri and Phera Standing next to each other, looking forwards.

I love how these two are drawn here! I especially love how their hair and eyes are drawn. Beri is captured wonderfully, showing how she is an Alien wonderfully, and I love Phera's expression. They both look ready to cause a bit of shenanigans (as they tend to do), and this art makes I wonder what these two will get up to next!

Teal by An Artist

Teal having a fierce expression as they wield thier saber. The blade of the saber has a faint glow.

The version without a retro filter as well:

Like the previous image, Teal having a fierce expression as they wield thier saber. This time there is no faint glow on the blade.

I adore how Teal is drawn here. The 90s and overall retro look and feeling is captured to a T here in both versions, which I love! It's so cool seeing Teal drawn in this sort of style! I love the fierceness in Teal's expression and how their pose invokes Revolutionary Girl Utena. This art is just looks so lovely and animated!

Anita by RenaissanceSoul

A chibi of Anita, she is smiling and has a relaxed and floaty pose.

This chibi of Anita is absolutely adorable and precious!! I love how happy she looks, and how her expression is beaming as she is drawn in a floaty and relaxed pose. I also love the lineart, and how her hair is drawn. She is captured wonderfully here and this art makes me smile! Seeing Anita be so happy makes me happy too.

Teal and Anita by 🔗Mew_bleu

Teal and Anita. They are on a pirate ship and Teal holds Anita close as they draw out thier saber. Anita is embracing them with a smile.

I love how romance novel cover the vibes of this are! And the background is gorgeous! The marker work is splendid and the color choices capture the romantic atmosphere so well. I love how both of their poses are drawn. How ready Teal looks to protect Anita, the foreshortening of the saber, and how Anita is so happy to be by Teal's side.

Phera by 🔗Spill

Phera looking forwards with a big energetic smile and a wink, making a peace sign.

Phera looks so perfectly perky and energetic in this illustration! Her personality is captured so well. And I love her pose, it's something you'd find in a illustration from the period of anime Phera takes inspiration from. The linework is fantastic, and the soft colors are candy for the eyes! I also love the touch of her having some slight fangs.


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