For your Mayalock fanfic cravings

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This is the Mayalock Fanfic Page! Here I will host various Mayalock fanfics I find and love. This is a Fic Recommendations page! (Please note: These two are a very rare pair, but I am digging hard) I'll also add fics I've made too. (Here's a link to my Ao3!)

You can find the spicy fics in the Spice Zone, I have moved them there to their own dedicated page!

Get a nice drink and enjoy some fics of these two I adore. Kick back and relax!! (Or have several feels over these two and cry over them, with this ship... crying is bound to happen. T-T)

First before we begin...

I joke, but there really barely anything out there. I will continue to dig and dig and update this page. I have some fics I archived that I need to transfer to this computer. As well as look for more that could be on there. This site is so hard to navigate... thank goodness for AO3.

I will add anything I can find here and continue to look. This ship is nearly 40 years old as of 2021, there definelty have been some fics lost to the sands of time... but I'll dig up and share what I find and adore.

I will also add things I've made here in their own section. Writing is not my forte... but I will learn and do my best to make enjoyable fanfics of my OTP for myself, and hopefully others will like them too. I want to get better and write more of them.

Besides who else is gonna write the Mayalock smut