Various Stuff Zone

Some places you can find me at, if you want to for some reason:

Neocities Profile (If you wanna follow me on Neocities!) Anilist (If you wanna see my anime habits)

Backloggd (If you wanna see the games I play/have played) Letterboxd (If you wanna see the movies I've seen)

My A03 (I write stuff!) Dreamwidth (Been using this more.) MySpace (MySpace is back?! Or is it...?)

Mastodon (Giving the fediverse a go!) Pinboard (Bookmarking!! Yay!!!)

Here's some other coding things I've done if you are interested:

Daily Harlock x Maya/Mayalock Twitter bot | (You can learn about how it operates here)

Where I found the BGs for this page: X, X

Linked are the credits of the things I used to make my website's button: 1,2,3

If you want any Harlock x Maya/Mayalock buttons that I've made: Click Here!

Here's a Cute Little Halloween Bunny:

You are A WITCH.

Hall-O-Zine 2021

Check out the Hall-O-Zine! I took a part in it too!

Some Maetel Line stickers I really like:

(Image Source for all the Maetels)

Buttons, quiz results, and much more:

(You can find even more buttons and more here!!)

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