All Roads Lead to Beating Geryon's Ass

Originally Posted on: 3-21-2024

Contains Spoilers for Kamen Rider Gotchard. Originally posted on Tumblr.
Click/Tap for Four Screenshots For Which The Meta is About

A screenshot of Geryon saying A beautiful composition of life and death, what a symphony. A screenshot of Hotaro saying Were stopping you right here right now!

A screenshot of Rinne saying Well protect the future entrusted to us! A screenshot of Spanner saying Todays the day I avenge my parents!

Something I really like about this bit: This whole exchange shows how Hotaro and Rinne are on the same page. Protecting the future as it is entrusted to their generation, and saving the chemies from Geryon.

In comparison: While Spanner is helping them, he is still mainly motivated by his quest to avenge his parents. And to make sure Geryon doesn’t do what he did to him, to more people.

He’s still taking his own path separate from the others. But in this moment everyone’s paths are converged together.

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